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GalleryPlayer Expands Cable Offerings

Washington — GalleryPlayer, a provider of high-definition still image libraries for digital television owners, told cable operators attending the CTAM 2007 Summit, held here on Monday, that it has developed a new broadband image downloading service for cable partners.

The GalleryPlayer broadband service is an extension of GalleryPlayer’s current cable offering presenting digital HD still images on digital cable TV services. The new offering allows viewers to directly purchase and download images to their PCs from a cable provider’s homepage. The cable partner will brand the service, which will be operated and maintained by GalleryPlayer.

GalleryPlayer said cable partners can also promote existing HD offerings through this new branded service, while at the same time creating an additional revenue stream.

“It gives added value to the two key parts of the triple play: digital cable with HD and broadband,” said GalleryPlayer.

“Cable subscribers want to be able to own what they see on TV. GalleryPlayer broadband for cable enhances our current cable offerings to allow viewers direct access to a wide range of high-quality HD image downloads,” said Paul Brownlow, GalleryPlayer president. “Now our cable partners can take advantage of GalleryPlayer’s expertise within the ever-expanding HD market to further optimize revenue streams and draw consumer attention to their signature services.”

At the same time, the service said it has added 80 all new half-hour blocks of HD programming, joining the 40 hour-long blocks of programming the company has previously produced.

Imagery ranges from such sources as National Geographic and MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art).

“Not only do our programs deliver terrific responses from viewers, but they also provide our cable partners with fresh content that can be updated every few weeks, adding incredible value to their HD offerings,” stated Brownlow.