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DTS Expands Cellphone Reach

Calabasas, Calif. – DTS struck another deal with a cellphone
supplier to incorporate DTS technologies into cellphones.

 The latest agreement is
with Huawei Device, which follows separate deals announced with LG Mobile
Phones earlier this month and with Pantech in 2010.

The Huawei agreement, which also includes such products as
tablets and set-top boxes, covers DTS’s Envelo technology, a virtual surround-sound
solution. Through headphones or a portable device’s embedded speakers, DTS
Envelo delivers a surround-sound effect from mono, stereo and 5.1-channel input
sources. The technology also centers vocals, widens the sound stage, adds
depth, delivers clearer high frequencies, and adds tightness and impact to
bass, the company said.

Envolo has also been incorporated in Edifier active USB speakers for
use with PCs.

The LG deal covers DTS Digital Surround 5.1-channel decoding,
which is being integrated into select LG smartphones and tablets to output
surround sound via a mini HDMI output to other devices while experiencing DTS
sound, the company said. The first LG cellphones with DTS technology were
launched in Korea in December, and more are due for a worldwide launch in 2011,
DTS said.

 Last year, Pantech agreed
to integrate DTS surround decoding into select Pantech smartphones, the first
of which launched in South Korea last year.