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Denon Bolsters Networking Stance

Atlanta – Denon continues to
embrace home networking with a CEDIA Expo launch of a networked tabletop music
system and an app that lets iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads control select
networked A/V receivers.

The N7 music system, shipping in October, consists of the networked iPod/iPhone-docking RCD-N7 CD-receiver at a suggested $599 and the separately available N7 stereo speakers at $199/pair. The CD-receiver is also sold separately. The music system joins other networked Denon products.
The single-chassis CD-receiver, available in white, incorporates AM/FM tuner, two-channel amplifier, three-line OLED display with metadata readout, iPod/iPhone dock on top, and built-in WiFi to stream music wirelessly from a networked PC. The device is DLNA-certified. Through a networked broadband modem, the CD-receiver also accesses Internet radio stations through the vTuner portal and the Rhapsody, Napster, Pandora and Internet music services. A USB port lets consumers play music from USB-equipped MP3 players not made by Apple.
Via a firmware upgrade, the N7 will also stream music, including Apple-protected music, wirelessly from a user’s iTunes application loaded on a networked PC.
N7 systems are particularly appropriate for kitchens, bedrooms and dens, Denon said, and it offers more streaming services than previous networked products.
For the brand’s four Network 11 AVRs, including a 100th Anniversary AVR, Denon is launching an app that enables the components to be controlled from a networked iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. The app delivers four screens, each for a different group of functions. One screen lets users control basic receiver functions, including on/off, volume, input select, surround modes, and the like. The other screens drill down to such functions as multizone networking, content streaming, tuner commands, and station presets.
To be controlled by the apps, two AVRs will require firmware updates, available by the end of September to current owners. The AVRs are priced from a suggested $999 to $2,499.
Denon’s other networked products include networked iPod docks, which stream Internet radio as well as a networked PC’s music and photos. In recent years, Denon also offered a one-piece tabletop radio with HD Radio, iPod dock, and networking.