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Canon App Looks To Inspire Photographers

New York –

Carbone Smolan Agency

(CSA) used
PhotoPlus Expo here this week to unveil a new app tool it developed for Canon
to help photographers in the creative process of picture taking.

Called the Canon
Idea Mine, the app is available free of charge through the Apple App Store during the holidays for
iOS-based devices, including iPhones and iPads.

It is described as
an idea-provoking tool that offers composition suggestions with Mad Libs-like
quirky randomness.

By tapping on the
device screen, the app rolls through hundreds of odd phrases and challenges the
photographer to create an image that gives it visual meaning.

photographers have never been challenged to take a photo of mischievous crayons,”
said Paul Pierson, CSA partner and design director. “With Canon Idea Mine, they
could be. By incorporating just the right amount of randomness, CSA’s goal was
to help photographers evolve and expand their ideas. If you’re stuck, the app
can generate billions of unique image concepts from scratch in just two taps.
We think this tool will help today’s photographers, who are now expected to
conceive ideas, not just execute. It’s a serious tool in a fun and distinctive

Canon Idea Mine
was developed through extensive research and interviews with dozens of notable
photographers. By working closely with Canon, CSA designed and fine-tuned the
tool to be useful in the way real artists generate ideas for images.