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AudioXperts Launches Sales-Training App

Boston – AudioXperts, the start-up luxury brand founded by industry veteran Eli Harary, has developed a multimedia training program and resource for use by salespeople to familiarize themselves with the company’s 4TV series of audio entertainment consoles.

The iBook-based app, which can be viewed on Apple’s mobile iOS devices, features 3D models of 4TV driver technology and embedded video clips that offer an overview of the products and detailed talking points “that go beyond the traditional PowerPoint-style product training to better illustrate and highlight key product features,” the company said. The materials also include recommendations for consumer demo materials and suggestions on specific movie scenes or music tracks.

The company will also offer the content via computers.

The training platform enables salespeople to train at their own pace. After completing the application’s product information section, salespeople will answer a built-in quiz.

Salespeople can also use the interactive features to show customers the 4TV products’ features and benefits, the company said.

The 4TV products are slim, swiveling audio platforms that sit on top of furniture and under a flat-screen TV. They’re positioned as TV-audio and music solutions offering component-audio quality in a form designed to “eliminate confusion, chaos and clutter,” the company said.

The $1,999-suggested 4TV 2112 will ship in a couple of weeks if not sooner, and the $3,999 two-piece 4TV 5122 is due toward the end of the year, a spokesman said.

 Both 4TV models feature smoked-glass and aluminum enclosures and a variety of embedded technologies. The technologies include patent-pending High Aspect Ratio Transducer (HART) driver technology, Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, connection for an optional Apple Airport Express, Bluetooth audio streaming with the CSR’s AptX codec, multiple surround modes and EQ settings, including a Voice Intelligibility Enhancement setting.

The company has also developed tabletop EVA (EnVironmental Audio) Music Systems and Korners lifestyle-oriented components speakers. These products ship after the 4TV models ship, a spokesman said.

The EVA systems feature docks, stereo Bluetooth, a digital optical connection to add an optional Apple Airport Express, and USB audio input to play back music from USB sticks and mass-storage devices. These mono speaker systems, priced at suggested $199 to $399, can be turned into stereo systems with the addition of amplified speakers.

The Korners speakers are targeted to décor-minded consumers who want speakers that blend into a room sacrificing performance. The speakers consist of slim 3-inch-wide wedge-shaped two-way L/C/R speakers that mount horizontally on the wall above or below a TV and vertically in the four corners of a room to deliver surround sound. They also fit anywhere a wall meets the ceiling or floor. A compact powered sub is included. Pricing hasn’t been disclosed.