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Audiovox Offers Prepaid Locator Service Cards

Hauppauge, N.Y. – Audiovox Electronics is offering prepaid cards for
service fees on its car locators sold through car dealers.

Car dealers can now sell prepaid service options, such as a year
of service at $139 for the Audiovox’s Gen II PursuiTrak car locators.

The locators include free stolen vehicle recovery if your car is
stolen, but then require annual fees for add-on services like teen tracking, remote
start and door unlock/lock from a cellphone. and theft notification. (Instead
of the user waiting to find out his car is stolen, the system alerts you if
your car is moved without authorization.)

In the past, users could sign up for such features only via the Internet,
but now Audiovox is offering the add-on services through prepaid cards that may
be sold and discounted at the car dealer.

The PursuiTrak hardware uses
GPS and cellular technology to locate a stolen car in North
America at a suggested retail of $799.