AudioControl Adds Amps


Indianapolis – Home and car audio supplier AudioControl came to the CEDIA Expo with a multi-room 16x100-watt matrix switching amplifier and a compact amplifier/DAC that can be used in Sonos wireless multi-room audio systems.

 The amplifier/DAC is the $750 Rialto 400, due in November. The product, requested by dealers, can be paired with speakers and Sonos’ Connect wireless receiver, which is designed to add existing sound systems to a Sonos network. The Rialto 400 features 2x100-watt amp, rated into 8 ohms, and high-end DAC circuitry to target consumers looking for step-up solutions compared to Sonos’ amplifier/receivers, the company said. The Rialto is also a lower-priced alternative to adding separate DAC and separate amplifier to the Sonos receiver, the company added.

Rialto, which features digital and analog inputs, can also be used as a TV amplifier or as a local amplifier for any other audio source.

For multi-room audio systems requiring installation, the company is adding the $4,450 Director D4200 amplifier/switcher, which ships in October as a higher power alternative to the company’s 16x60-watt D3200 amp/switcher. The higher power allows for ample output in large zones, and it is 4-ohm-stable to allow for parallel speaker wiring, AudioControl said.

Like the 16x60-watt model, the D4200 features IP-network control for setup, diagnostics and operation from a PC.


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