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– Home-theater and multi-room A/V suppliers plan to unveil a host of new electronics options for retailers and electronic systems contractors (ESCs) at the CEDIA Expo.

In networked multi-room A/V systems, attendees will find SpeakerCraft’s first system and new options from ClearOne.

In A/V receivers, new models will be displayed with multi-room capabilities by Rotel, NAD and Sherbourn, whose latest model will also incorporate the brain of a Control4 home-control system.

More audio components will also network with PCs and stream music from the Internet, including a CD player/ripper from NAD for use with a companion hard-drive music jukebox.

New multi-room amps and amp/switchers will also debut.

Here’s what you’ll find:

NAD Electronics

will launch at least nine new audio products, expand its selection of networked audio components, and enter three new markets — iPod-docking speakers, wireless USB DACs, and hard-drive music jukebox.


Statement M1 single-rack-size Class D mono amplifier delivers 1,000 watts continuous into 8-ohm loads at an estimated suggested $3,500. It also delivers 2,400 watts continuous on a 120-volt 15-ampere electrical circuit when driving 3-ohm loads. Into 2 ohms, it delivers more than 2,000 watts depending on line voltage regulation, the company said.


Architect Model 210ES amplifier drives up to eight speakers at 240 watts per channel into 2-ohm loads. It’s bridgeable and meets Energy Star 2 requirements, consuming less than 1 watt during standby. Features include signal-sensing turn-on, dual speaker output terminals per channel, and five-year parts and labor warranty. Pricing was unavailable.


is exhibiting its D series of eight-channel commercial amplifiers. The $1,195-suggetsed D- 65Z is rated at 8x65 watts into 4 ohms, all channels driven. The $4,850-suggested D-130Z is rated at 8x 130 watts into 4 ohms, and the D-250Z at $6,350 is rated at 8x 250 watts.


is launching a IP-based encoder and IP-based decoder that installers will be able to use the HDMI, DVI and DVI-D ports of A/V devices to connect the devices to the company’s DigiLinX IPbased networked-A/V system. When sources and displays are connected to a DigiLinX network, users can simultaneously stream multiple streams of multichannel audio and HDCP-protected video up to 1080p 3D throughout the house. A virtually unlimited number of sources and displays can be networked, the company said.


is expanding its line of home-control touchscreens and launching its first centralized lighting-control system. The new touchscreen is a 7-inch portable model with full-color capacitive LCD touchscreen and wireless two-way control of a Control4 home-control system. It comes with tabletop charging stand from which it functions as a tabletop touchscreen. Its suggested retail is $999, and a $399 license adds intercom capability.

Home Automation

is launching an iPod Touch/ iPhone app to control its 16-zone Hi-Fi 2 multi-room audio system and control an iPod/iPhone docked in the new HAI Dock, which can be connected to the Hi-Fi 2 or to other brands of multi-room audio systems. Also new is a HAI MicroControl home-energy management system, which uses wireless ZigBee.


is debuting a surround-sound preamp/ processor incorporating Harman’s proprietary QuantumLogic Surround 3D (QLS 3D) post processing delivers up to 12.4 channels of surround sound from mono, stereo, and multichannel sources. The flagship four-rack-tall MP-20 media processor will ship in the first quarter at a price above its predecessor’s original $11,000 to $14,000.


is 7.1-channel preamp/surround processor features 3D-capable HDMI 1.4a inputs and outputs, HDMI audio return channel, iPod/iPhone-compatible USB port, and included stereo Bluetooth. The $2,199-suggested RSP-1572, which replaces the RSP-1570, will be the brand’s first product with included stereo Bluetooth and first A/V product with front-panel iPod USB input, HDMI 1.4a and HDMI audio return channel.

Current Rotel products incorporate HDMI 1.4 to passthrough 3D 1080i broadcast programming, but the 1.4a inputs and outputs will pass through broadcast 3D 1080p, the company said.

Many of these features were planned for the previously announced $3,999-suggested flagship prepro, the 7.1-channel RSP-1580, which was due in the first quarter but has been put on hold for a planned revamp of the company’s A/V receiver line.

Compared to the preamp/processor that it replaces, the new model adds more HDMI inputs for a total of six, two HDMI outputs, 10-band parametric EQ, and onscreen display over HDMI.

The front-panel USB input accepts audio in digital PCM form from a connected iPod or iPhone. Via an included stereo Bluetooth dongle, the preamp/ processor streams stereo music from any handheld device equipped with stereo Bluetooth.

Remote Technologies

is unveiling seven multiroom products from the company include a distributed- audio switcher/amplifier, two multi-room amplifiers, an iPod dock, a central control processor and handheld remote. The amps ship in November. The others ship in September.

The $1,799 AD-8 eight-source, eight-zone distributed- audio switcher/amp features 16 Class D amplifier channels and preamp. For larger installs, it can be tied to the $699 4x50-watt channel CP-450 Class D amp and the $1,499 16x50-watt CP-1650 amp.

The $499 XP-3 central control processor integrates control of a home theater system and other connected in-room systems when used with one of the company’s remote controls with embedded wireless RF.

One such remote is the new $699 T2-Cs+, a second- generation model with 433MHz RF for one-way control and 2.4GHz ZigBee for bidirectional control when used with RTI’s control processors and other ZigBee-enabled A/V components and home systems. It features faster 532MHz processor and 2.4- inch LCD touchscreen.

The $599 RTiDock, available in rack-mount or desktop chassis, lets users turn their iPod into a home-wide music source when the iPod is placed inside via a sliding tray.

Sherbourn Technologies

is launching a new A/V preamp processor with integrated Control4 processor, a companion 7x350-watt multichannel amp, and a 3D enabled A/V receiver.

Both the pre-pro and AVR are the company’s first with ability to support 3D broadcast content, 3D game content, and 3D Blu-ray discs. The pre/pro features Control4 network control capability. Prices and ship dates are unavailable.

The PT-7020C4 A/V pre-pro features five HDMI inputs, dual 32-bit DSP processors, balanced XLR input and output connections, Genesis/Torino 1080p scaler, and full-color OSD that is displayed over live video.

The PA-7350 multichannel amp puts out 7x350 watts into 8-ohm loads with all-channels-driven via a high-efficiency fan-less Class H design.

The SR-120 3D 7.1-channel AVR also features balanced inputs, 7x120-watt internal amplification, massive toroidal power supply for quiet and efficient operation, full-color onscreen display superimposed over live video, and two-zone capability (5.1 plus 2 channels).


, a supplier of lighting, audio and hometheater control systems is launching the eight-zone 850D-DA Digital Distributed Audio Amplifier which features six amplified zones and two line-level outputs to add amps for two additional zones. It’s rated at 12x50 watts into 8 ohms and 12x75-watts into 4 ohms.


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