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AudioControl Adds Compact 16-Channel Multizone Amp

Seattle – AudioControl expanded its multizone-amplifier selection with the shipment of its most compact multizone model, the $3,250-suggested Architect Model 2660.

The amp packs 16×65 watts of 8-ohm output into a compact 2U 3.5-inch-tall chassis.

“While our dealers like the audio performance of our products, the rack space they have to work with continues to get smaller, which led to the development of the 2U chassis design incorporated in the Architect Mode 2660,” said sales and marketing VP Chris Kane. The 2660 is also the company’s first multizone amplifier with a digital input. “Many source units are utilizing digital audio outputs, so the Model 2660 is one of the first multichannel amplifiers equipped with bussable digital audio input, which can be routed to any output channel,” he noted.  The company also offers some two-channel amps with digital input.

In 30 days, the company plans to ship another multizone amp, this one with two digitral inputs.

The amp measures 3.5 inches by 17 inches by 15.5 inches, making it “it one of the most space efficient, powerful” amps on the market, the company said. The amp packs 16×65 watts of RMS power into 8 ohms with all channels driven, or 16×100 watts into 4 ohms. It can also be bridged to 8×175 watts into 8 ohms. Each channel and zone features independent volume-level control.

The 2660 can be installed in a rack without separate rack spaces and, because of an efficient design, without additional space needed to keep it cool, the company said. As a result, the amp requires up to 70 percent less rack space than traditional amps, the company claimed.

A high-resolution S/PDIF digital input features Wolfson 32Hz-192kHz DAC with 16/24-bit depth. Dual bus A/B inputs can be routed to any output. It also features discrete 12-volt and signal-sense triggers for each independent zone.

Other features include LightDrive anti-clipping protection circuitry, proprietary subsonic filter, and loop-out capability to pass through audio signals to other amplifiers. It draws less than ½ watt of power in standby mode.

With the launch, the company offers a total of nine multizone amps in the Architect and Network series.