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Audioaccess Debuts iPod Dock, W.H.E.N. Custom Install System

Audioaccess will be highlighting its aDock iPod docking station and multiroom audio at International CES. Audioaccess can be found at the Harmon Consumer Group booth 1831 in the North Hall.

The aDock iPod docking station allows a compatible iPod to interface with the Audioaccess W.H.E.N. (Whole-House Entertainment Network) system. It enables the iPod to play music and video in any room in the system, and provides two-way operation of iPod audio-only functions from a W.H.E.N. system keypad located in a remote zone, with data from the iPod translated and displayed on the keypad. The iPod is also powered from the aDock.

The aDock can also be used with the Audioaccess PX-700 multiroom audio controller, an audio component that offers flexible whole-house music-distribution capabilities. The aDock connects to the PX-700 via either the Audioaccess CATC/2WSI two-way serial interface or the CS-IP Audioaccess control server, and enables two-way operation of iPod audio functions from a color touch-screen controller, located in a remote zone, or from a Web-enabled device such as a computer, Internet tablet or PDA. The aDock can be used with all compatible iPod models featuring a docking connector.

The aDock is currently available at a suggested retail of $499.

The company is also highlighting its W.H.E.N. system at CES. W.H.E.N. is an integrated home theater, multiroom audio/video and in-home communications system for custom residential installations.

W.H.E.N. is designed to offer whole-house paging and intercom functions, with audio and video monitoring capabilities that can be implemented using the onscreen programming system. No PC programming is needed to activate or utilize any feature. The system is expandable to as many as 20 remote room locations.

W.H.E.N. system components include the AVR21EN audio/video receiver/system controller, the AVH21 multiroom hub with WPS21 power supply hub, the KP21 amplified display keypad, and a full range of high-performance in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers.

Because W.H.E.N. multiroom hubs can be placed in a utility closet or area away from the main installation, system wiring is centralized and simplified, eliminating the clutter of head-end wiring typical of conventional whole-house systems. By placing the remote-zone audio amplifiers in the KP21 keypads, wiring is further simplified, and amplifier power is located close to the speakers, eliminating long speaker runs.

W.H.E.N. offers three operating modes: entertainment, paging and monitoring. In entertainment mode, it can distribute uncompressed audio and composite video from up to eight audio/video source components simultaneously, from the main home entertainment room to remote locations. In monitor mode, W.H.E.N. routes signals from video cameras throughout the home to connected video-display devices, and audio from the KP21 keypads’ built-in microphones. The system can also operate electronically triggered door locks. Paging mode enables W.H.E.N. to function as a multiroom paging and whole-house intercom system.

It features a suggested retail ranging from $4,000 to $20,000 depending on system configuration. The AVR21EN is available separately for $2,199.