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Amazon Dash Begins Connected-Device Deployment

The first connected devices to integrate Amazon’s Dash automatic replenishment system are ready for their close-up, Mr. Bezos.

First out of the starting gate after months of trials are more than 45 compatible Brother printers. Effective immediately, they can alert the e-tailer’s Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) when ink or toner levels are low, triggering an automatic replacement order.

A Dash-compatible Smart Dispense washer from GE and a smart blood glucose monitor by Gmate will join the replenishment ranks by month’s end. The washer can be preloaded with weeks’ worth of detergent and, like the printers, can notify Amazon to ship more before the well runs dry.

Dozens of other smart devices that integrate DRS via Amazon code and APIs are on deck, including Samsung Wi-Fi printers, August smart locks, and laundry pairs and a forthcoming smart dishwasher from Whirlpool.

Products can also incorporate Dash buttons that allow consumers, rather than the automated system, to place the replenishment orders manually. The Wi-Fi buttons were also made available directly to Prime customers last summer for instant one-touch ordering of such branded consumables as Huggies, Glad, L’Oreal, Gatorade, Gillette razors and Amazon Elements, the e-tailer’s private-label line of baby wipes and other household items.