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Alpine Ships Its First Thin Subwoofers

Torrance, Calif. – Alpine
Electronics announced it was now shipping its first line of thin subwoofers.

The SWR-T10 10-inch and
SWR-T12 12-inch Type-R thin subwoofers,

first announced earlier this year

reportedly produce 15mm of one-way Xmax and more than 50 mm of peak-to-peak
excursion but have mounting depths of 3.5 inches for the SWR-T12 and 3.25
inches for the SWR-T10.

Features include a
segmented thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) spider design with five individual
segments that attach to the voice coil at just five points, instead of wrapping
around the voice coil as on traditional subwoofers.  They also have a co-molded aluminum voice
coil collar, a pass-through gap geometry design, a 1.5-pound neodymium magnet,
and an advanced cone design with maximum stiffness and low mass, Alpine said.

Engineered to fit in
small enclosures, the SWR-T10 ($500) needs a sealed enclosure of 0.35 cubic
feet, or a ported enclosure of 0.6 cubic feet. 
The SWR-T12 ($550) fits into a sealed enclosure of 0.6 cubic feet, or a
ported enclosure of 1 cubic foot.