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Almo Releases Print, Digital CE Catalog

Philadelphia – Almo, a national CE and appliance
distributor, has released its annual full-line
electronics catalog in both print and digital formats.

 “Almo’s full line CE catalog was designed as a
comprehensive dealer tool. In keeping with that philosophy,

we make
sure our dealers have easy access to the catalog wherever they work — in the
office or on the road,”

Warren Chaiken, Almo’s president/COO. “That’s why we make it available in
print, online and on portable devices, including the BlackBerry, Droid, Palm,
iPhone, iPad and Wi-Fi tablets.”

Designed as a dual purpose tool,
the 2011/2012 Almo CE catalog offers MSRP pricing, and product and technical
information, along with integration to Almo’s B to B dealer portal for inventory,
pricing and ordering information.

Almo said this structure allows a reseller to use the
catalog as a reference tool when working with a customer without revealing
dealer pricing details.

Product categories included in this version are home entertainment,
portable entertainment, photo/video, communications, mobile electronics and small

Almo dealers will receive printed versions of the catalog in

one week. The digital version is
both full and mobile formats can be found at


Dealers interested in obtaining a catalog or joining Almo
team can call (866) 430-2566.