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LG’s First Super Bowl Ad Revealed

LG opened the curtains on its first-ever Super Bowl ad, which promotes OLED TV technology and stars Liam Neeson as “the man from the future.”

The ad also stars the company’s flagship OLED TV in LG’s first Signature series of ultra-premium home entertainment products and appliances, unveiled at CES.

The commercial highlights “LG’s commitment to bringing the future of television to consumers today,” the company said. The commercial was created by the father-son team of Ridley Scott as executive producer and Jake Scott as director.

 “It’s about the race to be on the vanguard of innovation and to be able to create tomorrow’s technology,” said Ridley Scott. Added Jake Scott, “The objective was to create a world you’ve never seen before or a world that was unique and specific to the OLED.”

In the commercial that seems to harken back to the original Tron movie, Neeson’s mission is to release the future of television to the world today.

The flagship 77- and 65-inch Signature-series TVs feature 4K Ultra HD resolution with high dynamic range (HDR) capability supporting the HDR10 and DolbyVision technologies. They’re certified as UHD Premium by the UHD Alliance.

Led by the Signature models, the company’s 2016 OLED TV lineup consists of four series with a total of eight models.

Here’s the ad: