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CES 2023: CTA State of the Industry and John Deere Keynote Focus on a Better World Through Technology

CTA is supporting the HS4A campaign, with CES 2023 showcasing the latest tech dedicated to addressing global challenges.

With the show’s theme of “Human Security For All” (HS4A) shining brightly behind him, Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, Consumer Technology Association (CTA), welcomed CES 2023 attendees from around the world with open arms at the CTA’s State of the Industry Address Thursday morning.

Partnering with the World Academy of Art and Science in support of the United Nations, CTA is supporting the HS4A campaign, with CES 2023 showcasing the latest tech innovations and thought leaders dedicated to addressing the most pressing global challenges and pillars of human rights, including food, access to health care, community security and political freedom.

Commenting on regulation, Shapiro focused on the need for legislation and policies that “promote, rather than hinder innovation.” The trend of regulation shifting away from what’s best for the consumer toward protecting only existing competition is an alarming situation the CTA actively addresses. “What we need are low barriers for entry for anyone,” said Shapiro. “We should be celebrating our companies that do well, not trying to go out of our way to punish them. Every country should be helping its innovative entrepreneurs because competition does benefit everyone everywhere. Anyone should have the right to come in as a new competitor.”

Recognizing innovation and progress as a global effort, the CTA celebrated a record 24 countries that earned the highest ranking of “Innovation Champion” in the CTA’s second edition of its International Innovation Scorecard, an assessment of policies and practices around the world that fuel tech innovation or stand in the way of progress. Thirteen national representatives were present for recognition during the keynote.

Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, Consumer Technology Association (CTA) (seventh from left), with the Innovation Champions.
Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, Consumer Technology Association (CTA) (seventh from left), with the Innovation Champions.

Immediately following the State of the Industry — and making CES history as the first agriculture technology company executive to take the mainstage for a keynote at the show — John May, CEO, John Deere along with other John Deere executives presented on how the real-world application of tech across the planet’s farmland affects all humans, whether they realize it or not.

“It’s farmers across the world who undertake the enormous task of growing the food, fuel and fiber we all need,” said May. “They are ensuring that we not only have what we need today, but that future generations do, too.”

May and associates highlighted the rough and unpredictable conditions farmers encounter and the need for better and smarter machines to help them produce the crops we need to survive. “Technology is the solution to these challenges,” added May. “Technology allows farmers to create more with fewer resources. Today, farming construction and road building are less about the size of the machines and more about technology, intelligence and sustainability—both economic and environmental.”

John May, John Deere at CES 2023 keynote
John May, John Deere

Top among John Deere’s announcements are ExactShot, which significantly reduces the amount of fertilizer needed by spraying only when and where a seed is planted, and See & Spray, a complex system that scans, recognizes weeds and sprays preventative solution on just the target weed rather than the entire field. The efficiency and savings for farmers using these innovations are staggering and encouraging. Other initiatives and advancements in biofuels, electrification and automation were also touched upon by the John Deere team.


“Real purpose, real tech, real impact,” concluded May. “That’s why we run, and we’re just getting started.