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CES 2023: Scenes from CES Unveiled

Each year, a special CES Unveiled is held before Media Day at CES to give members of the press a chance to taste what will be seen on the show floor. The event is designed to spark curiosity and excitement, and the CES 2023 version was up to the task. Here are scenes from the CES Unveiled floor. All photos are by John Staley.

CES 2023 – Verge Motorcycles

Verge Motorcycles, Booth 3567 The new Verge TS Ultra electric motorcycle, ridden here by Tuomo Lehtimaki, has a range of up to 233 miles and a fast charging time of 25 minutes. With its 201 HP power output, the bike accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds.

CES 2023 – Witekio

Witekio, Booth 60811 Witekio has announced the worldwide launch of its latest software accelerator at CES 2023. The accelerator, which is an IoT management platform builder for equipment manufacturers (OEMs), will help accelerate connected product and service innovation. The platform was soft launched at Witekio’ s HQ (Lyon, France) three months ago and has already seen positive uptake and reviews from clients. Pictured: Pierre Gal.

CES 2023 – iMediSync

iMediSync, Booth 8217 Dr. Dae Keun Kim (left) affixes the iSyncWave EEG Brain Scanner to Lisa Stuart, Leisure Media. iSyncWave is the first-ever integrated EEG and neurotherapeutics device that provides telemental care through an AI digital brain health platform.

CES 2023 – Lutron

Lutron, Booth Murano 3301B Melissa Andresko demonstrates Lutron’s latest Caséta products — including new color options and new dimmers.

CES 2023 – Targus

Targus, Booth 15901 Mike Sexton holds the Targus Energy Harvesting Keyboard that combines advanced energy harvesting solar technology with post-consumer recycled materials and ultra-low-power Bluetooth technology in sustainable packaging.

CES 2023 – Roybi

Roybi, Booth 60452 ROYBI’s robots return to CES, but now they have joined the Metaverse with a virtual learning environment called the RoybiVerse. Pictured: Elnaz Sarraf.

CES 2023 – Booth Suite 35-307 Abraham Kinney demonstrates how the Water Dragon, which integrates with powered home security systems, uses ultrasonic technology to detect and promptly alert homeowners about water issues before they become major problems.