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10 Minutes With Nick Cannon

Las Vegas — This year’s International CES Entertainment Matters ambassador, entertainer/entrepreneur Nick Cannon, sat down on with the Official CES Daily to discuss his role and his experiences with technology.

So what does the Entertainment Matters Ambassador do?

[Laughing] Well, I’m carried around on a throne, holding a goblet … I see CES as the perfect crossover point of entertainment and technology. it’s an amazing opportunity for people in the entertainment industry. My role is to foster that. It would be wise for the entertainment community to get more involved with technology. You can’t have entertainment without technology. These are two industries that are growing at such an amazing pace and driven by a lot of similar interests. I am honored that they chose me for the role, and it works because i have dabbled in both worlds.

Do you consider yourself a techie?

Yeah, I was always a gadget-head. I was a RadioShack kid growing up. I was there every weekend looking for a new piece, a new part to make my PC better, my DJ equipment better. I was always someone who knew his way around a piece of technology.

Now, being a producer, I’m always looking for the next great thing, like the next great camera to shoot 4K, so I’m definitely a techie when it comes to that. But, then again, I’m still the dude who gets confused when my iPhone updates.

So CES is a fact-finding mission for you?

Absolutely. There are so many amazing things this year … the curved TVs, the driverless cars. I mean, a driverless Mercedes! You just can’t get any better than that!

You have your own tech brand, NCredible. are you taking it in any new directions this year?

I’m excited! this is the year we are bringing out our 10-inch tablet. We launched our 7-inch with QVC last year, so I’m excited for the bigger model. Also, it’s the frst time I’m doing [Bluetooth speakers], and they go with the tablets.

So you’re creating a Nick Cannon ecosystem?

Absolutely. Definitely more good stuff to come.

What are your go-to devices personally?

My laptop is my world. It goes with me everywhere. Then my tablet, of course. I have an iPhone 6 Plus and a Samsung Galaxy, and I use them both for various reasons. also, flash drives —  they save my life everyday. Oh, and my headphones!

As a DJ, what do you think of all the high-res audio news coming out of the show?

I love it! Technology has reached a point where it’s all about the best possible quality, the best possible
personal experience. How can I make this better, euphoric even?

Can you sum up the CES experience in one sentence?

Oh, man … CES 2015 has been NCredible!!