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Ambisonic Systems New Bollard 10 Landscape Speakers Now Available

Origin Acoustics, the leading manufacturer of architectural audio, announces the new Bollard 10 outdoor landscape speakers from Ambisonic Systems are now available.

The new Ambisonic Big Bollard 10 delivers incredible performance from a stunning aesthetic design for any residential or commercial outdoor application. Available with round or square aluminum sleeves in silver, black, or bronze finish. Each speaker contains a 10” subwoofer, 6.5” polypropylene mid-range woofer and a round planar magnetic ribbon tweeter. The round ribbon tweeter design allows 360 ° dispersion and is treated with a Kapton coating using a special application process that allows the product to stand up to the outdoor elements without affecting the sound. The Bollard 10 speakers are built tough for the outdoor elements and are available in 180 ° & 360 ° sonic dispersion options.

Each speaker has an adjustable impedance setting for 8 ohms, along with 70v/100v with multiple wattage taps for each. This allows for installation flexibility, and with nearly 300 watts of peak power handling and the ability to play from 32Hz to 20kHz.

The Ambisonic Bollard 10 will surely provide greater performance and unstrained listening at further distances than other products in this category.