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TWICE Poll: No Election Impact On Holiday Sales

The people have spoken.

Much like many of the political races that will run their course today, TWICE’s latest poll asking if the election will impact sales going forward was a close run thing.

In this case, those saying “No” won by less than 1 point (and, yes, we know that, due to rounding, our polls never add up to 100 percent). For those keeping score at home the exact voting broke down with about 50.5 percent voting for No.

I tend to fall into this group as well. No matter who takes over the House and Senate the economy is not going to recover immediately. Perhaps some people will feel a bit more optimistic about the future if their party is either placed in power or retains power, but I doubt such enthusiasm would be very strong or be long-lasting.

A presidential election might have had more of an immediate impact on holiday sales. I believe people expect a bigger shift in how the country is run when a new person takes over, something that is missing this time around.