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Now Available – 2023 TWICE Retailer Reports

Reports with exclusive analysis available for purchase on official Swoogo storefront

In a time when consumer focus is less on devices and more on the content those devices deliver, how have major consumer electronics retailers and e-tailers fared? Find out by purchasing the latest editions of TWICE’s annual Retail Reports, produced in partnership with Senex, an industry research and analysis firm.

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With inflation remaining high, and the costs to service homeowner debt increasing, consumer spending on CE products has fallen and will most likely continue to drop off in 2024. What can retailers do to come out on top in the market today? See who’s winning, who’s losing, and who’s leaving share on the table in this annual must-read report with exclusive market research.




While consumers continued to spend on home improvements and appliances, the top major appliance retailers of 2022 saw a rapid deceleration as wallets tightened thanks to looming recession threats. How will major appliance retailers fare in the current market issues? Find out which dealers reaped the most rewards with TWICE’s annual Top 50 Major Appliance Retailers Report.




TWICE provides comprehensive coverage of the ever-changing and fast-paced environment of consumer technology through market research, news analysis, event coverage, product information and product reviews.


Click here to purchase any of the TWICE 2023 Top Retailer Reports