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TiVo In The House

Before Al Gore invented the Internet, TWICE editors occasionally popped up in the print issue to offer their thoughts on a recent encounter with a consumer electronics product or service experience. These experiences typically ran the gamut from awful to, well, whatever’s worse than awful. This in turn invariably created the impression that the staff of a well-respected (dare I say adored) technology magazine was in fact a bunch of know-nothing curmudgeons. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Exhibit A: I have successfully installed a wireless adapter on my Series 2 TiVo and am now streaming music and photos down from the PC in my office to my home theater in the den. It was remarkably easy. I was convinced – convinced – that it would not be. Yet everything is working, the music is playing, TiVo is connecting wirelessly. Can peace on Earth be far behind?

Really the only stumbling block I see at this point is how TiVo navigates through your music collection. It’s a bit cumbersome if you, like me, have thousands of (legally acquired) MP3 files to sort through. A better interface would be welcome.