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Yamaha Launches ADECIA Wireless Solution and New Wireless Dante-Enabled Microphones

Yamaha’s New Wireless Microphones Are Available Stand-Alone Or Integrated With the ADECIA Family’s Conference Processor, Line Array Speakers, and PoE Network Switch

SUDBURY, Mass. — March 8, 2022 — Yamaha has announced the addition of a new wireless microphone option to its ADECIA family. The ADECIA Wireless conferencing solution includes the new RM-W wireless microphones, the RM-CR remote conference processor, VXL-16P Dante PoE line array speakers, and SWR Series PoE network switch. As with other ADECIA options (ADECIA Ceiling and ADECIA Tabletop), all the components work together seamlessly to provide the most comfortable and effortless remote conferencing experience.

“As hybrid environments in enterprise and education spaces become the norm, the addition of the wireless microphone solution to our ADECIA portfolio rounds out the available options, allowing customers to choose the best solution for their needs,” said Tatsuya Umeo, CEO of Yamaha Unified Communications. “With the backbone of ADECIA’s features and advanced technologies, customers can be confident that no matter what microphone option is selected, they are receiving top-quality audio in the room and for far-end participants with an unmatched installation experience.”

Utilizing the automatic setup guides, ADECIA Wireless automatically recognizes components, pairs microphones, and configures them according to the room’s environment to ensure high-quality audio while reducing setup time and complexities. They’re engineered with Yamaha’s industry-regarded technologies like automatic echo cancellation (AEC), which adapts to changes in the environment that impact the audio in the room, and Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD), which identifies and differentiates between a voice and a noise for superior voice capture.

Built around the latest DECT technology, the wireless microphone setup includes a wireless spectrum analyzer to advise on how many additional microphones can be added to the system based on other wireless traffic in the area. The system delivers the highest-quality audio possible with approximately 20 hours of continuous microphone operation time using the included rechargeable battery. It avoids troublesome wiring problems by utilizing one PoE+ network cable connection and enabling audio control via Dante.

Organizations can customize ADECIA Wireless to best fit their space and use case with 6-inch gooseneck, 12-inch gooseneck, omnidirectional boundary, or directional boundary tabletop microphone models. In addition to being utilized in ADECIA Wireless, the sleek, modern RM-W wireless microphones are available as stand-alone options alongside the newly announced RM-TT tabletop and RM-CG ceiling-mount microphones. Yamaha’s innovative audio processing technologies like adaptive AEC reside within the microphone’s wireless access point to allow for expandability of existing DSPs and reduction of post-processing setup resources and costs.

“While we recognize ADECIA delivers a complete conferencing product for many, we also understand the need to add microphones to an existing system or customize a solution for a particular use case,” said Holger Stoltze, Senior Director of Technical Sales and Marketing, Yamaha Unified Communications at Yamaha Unified Communications. “Offering our wireless microphones as a stand-alone option widens the opportunities for our customers to create a high-quality audio experience no matter what.”

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