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Petra to Distribute Antop Antennas and Accessories

EDMOND, Okla. — Petra Industries, the consumer electronic industry’s accessory authority, has partnered with ANTOP Antenna to bring their quality HDTV antenna products and accessories, and more than 35 years of experience to the Petra team.

Long before the term “cable cutting” entered the TV viewer’s lexicon, ANTOP was designing and manufacturing quality indoor and outdoor antennas. This legacy of quality has continued as the world of antennas has changed and transformed into the growing product category that is still very much in demand today. As the first antenna manufacturer to include a built in 4G LTE filter, blocking out 3G and 4G signals, these antennas offer the noise-free digital reception needed in today’s world of smartphones and mobile devices using cellular radio signals. Selected models feature ANTOP’s exclusive Smartpass amplifier technology, an all-in-one design allowing for easier connection and corrected balance between short and long range reception.

Petra has added 24 ANTOP SKUs to their home theater product category. Added products include indoor and outdoor HDTV antennas, including multiple paper thin options that measure a mere .02 inch, amplifiers, splitters and more. With so many options available, ANTOP products can suit the antenna usage need of any customer whether it is home, business, RV or marine.

“ANTOP has been on top of the antenna game for a very long time and the versatility of their products is great for our dealers,” said Tate Morgan, Petra President. “Whether a consumer is a member of the cord cutter or cord never club, ANTOP antennas provides them with free access to local over-the-air broadcast digital TV reception.”

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