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OMEGA Introduces 60-Series Excalibur Remote Start Line

DOUGLASVILLE, GA – OCTOBER 8, 2014 – Omega Research and Development Technologies, Inc. is now shipping the new Excalibur 60-series remote start line up. The developers at Omega took our 50-series product line with popular features like xOS updateable firmware, dual independent data ports, and ECHO compatibility and made key enhancements to installation flexibility and the end user experience.

For the installer, our dual data ports now have independently selectable protocols, meaning you can run the iDatalink protocol on one data port for use with a CarLink-3G smartphone interface, run the DBI protocol on the second data port to utilize a data bypass module, run both ports on ADS, or both on DBI.

We’ve also restructured the programmable features menu so the list of core features is consistent across all 60-Series models, with enhanced features being added to the list as you step up within the product line. This means that the installer will now save even more time programming any 60 series system even if he’s not using our Weblink PC programmer.

All 60-series remote start systems offer full security capabilities with our new VIRTUAL ALARM technology! This HUGE step in the remote start technology means that any “RS” model can be configured as anything from a simple add-on remote start to a full alarm/remote start system. By adding virtual door trigger inputs and a virtual dual zone sensor port to our library of data commands, our data ports gain access to a full suite of security features through the vehicle’s data network when coupled with our OL-MDB-ALL integration module.

 Our new AU-84-TDP dual zone data shock sensor adds impact detection by plugging into one of our data ports. And, if the vehicle doesn’t support data door triggers, the AU-84TDP is equipped with analog door trigger inputs for maximum flexibility!

For the end user, we’ve redesigned our 433 MHz 2-way LCD controller, and our 433 MHZ 1-way four-button remote to be smaller & thinner making it the sexiest we’ve ever offered. The new #159 2-way controller has a larger LCD screen with easier to understand graphics and the new #1411 remote gets a rigid chrome metal frame and a backlit logo. They both feature laser engraved logos and stitched leather style texturing on the back giving both a clean classic design we call the “tuxedo” look.

The buttons have been arranged for easy day-to-day operation with enhanced icons showing main functions and sub functions, eliminating guess work and helping the user get maximum functionality from the system.

All 1-button 60-Series systems support LOCK, UNLOCK, and remote start, thus providing full keyless entry operation. This combined with our Virtual Alarm technology allow the 1-button unit to be both an alarm and a remote start. Now the user can have a stand-alone remote start, a keyless entry/remote start, or an alarm/remote start combo without unnecessary buttons to worry about, all from the same system.

In a time where all of your personal devices can multitask, it is time that your Remote Start can too. All 60-series RS units can now simultaneously be operated from both a 1-Button remote, and a 4-Button remote. Not only have we eliminated inventory obsolescence with updateable systems, we’ve eliminated product-roles with the ultimate level of customization & system upgrades. Excalibur is now the most versatile remote start product line in the world, from our entry model to our flagship.

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