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New Features Improve Performance Of Three Cotton Carrier Photo Products

Following a year that featured the rollout of innovative new products, Cotton Carrier has begun 2015 with the introduction of new features and improved performance to their popular camera carrying systems for outdoor and studio photographers.

“With smaller cameras, such as mirrorless and four-thirds, becoming increasingly popular, we needed to give our products more options to work with all styles of cameras,” said Brook Parker, Chief Operating Officer of Cotton Carrier Ltd. “We’ve made design changes to our Hand Strap, Adapter Plate and Camera Vest to make them more user friendly. And all of our products now feature our updated Cotton Carrier logo.”

Cotton Carrier’s Hand Strap has been streamlined at the top to give the photographer a better range of motion of the index finger and easier operation of the camera’s buttons and dials. How the Hand Strap attaches to the camera also has been improved.

“We added a connection to the Universal Adapter Plate so it now attaches directly to the Hand Strap instead of the rubber washer,” Parker said. “As cameras continue to get smaller, we saw the need to make an adjustment to the Adapter Plate that allows it to be mounted in any position. This gives photographers many more options to keep the plate away from the battery door, and allows the Adapter Plate to connect to a greater variety tripod heads.”

Several enhancements have been made to the Camera Vest. With the addition of an umbrella sleeve the Camera Vest will hold either a flash or rain umbrella; and the front pocket has been enlarged to easily hold ID, credit cards and other important information. Also, an all-weather protective cover is now included with all Cotton Carrier Camera Vests.

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