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The iPocket Drive, a Hard Drive with a Built-In Lightning Plug for iPhones and iPads, launches Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo

The hard drive allows instant music and movie streaming and secure data transfer without an
Internet connection or sending information to third party servers

The iPocket Drive, a pocket-sized USB hard drive with an integrated Apple Lightning connector, launched a
crowdfunding campaign today on Indiegogo in hopes of raising $5,000. iPD allows users to double their iPhone
storage capacity while being able to easily, quickly and safely move data between computers, iPhones, iPads
and iPod touches without the need for cellular data, Internet, wireless networks or Cloud access. The Power
Company, the company behind iPD, has previously had two successful campaigns on Indiegogo with the latest
being the Smart Card, a wallet-sized charger for iPhone and Android devices.

“The Smart Card was all about making charging more convenient for smartphone users,” Gene Aikens, founder
of The Power Company and iPD creator, said. “A logical next step was finally creating a device that makes data
transfer more convenient for Apple users.”

A huge convenience of the iPD is that it helps to free up storage on an iPhone while still allowing quick access
to files whenever they are needed. Buying a new iPhone with more storage space costs hundreds of dollars, and
larger hard drives can be complicated to use and access. However the 64GB or 128GB iPD models can back-up
a small desktop computer hard drive, along with everything on an iPhone or iPad. This allows users to free up
space on iPhones by backing up all photos, videos and files to the iPD without a need to pay for recurring
online Cloud storage subscription.

Files can be opened on any Apple device, Mac or PC directly from iPD, without having to transfer them. This
avoids lengthy syncing processes, as well as any Cloud security concerns. It also allows music and movies to be
streamed directly from iPD to an iPhone or iPad, making it a perfect travel accessory. iPD is also convenient for
traveling because it can charge an iPhone or iPad to 100% battery directly from any USB outlet without having
to carry compatible wires and chargers around.

iPD will be crowdfunding on Indiegogo for a 42-day campaign, beginning today, December 3, 2014. The first
contributors to the campaign can receive their own 8GB iPD for just $59, a $20 discount from the eventual
retail price. The hard drive comes in a wide range of storage options, ranging from 8GB to 128GB. Package
deals of several iPD’s will also be available for discounted prices. To learn more about iPD, or to buy the
device, please visit the campaign page at

The team behind The Power Company spans five countries, four languages, and has more than 34 years of
experience. It is headed by Gene Aikens, product designer and president. The Power Company focuses on
producing smartly-designed electronics that simplify daily technology use, all while fitting neatly in a wallet, or
pocket. The company’s premier product is the Smart Card, a wallet-sized iPhone and Android charger. Smart
Card was successfully funded on Indiegogo early in 2014, ultimately raising more than $63,000. It is now a part
of Indiegogo’s Forever Funding program and still available for contributions.

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Erin Kenny
The Power Company
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