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Announcing the V-RACK Multi-Effects Plug-in From Rhodes: A Versatile Collection of Stereo Analogue-Modelled Effects for Adding Warmth, Animation, Dynamics and Texture to Your Sounds and Productions

Leeds, United Kingdom, November 17, 2023 — Building upon the popular success of its V8 Series plug-ins, Rhodes announces the V-RACK: the latest product in its highly regarded V Series of plug-in offerings. ​

V-RACK houses seven distinctive effects modules, faithfully capturing the sonic essence of the analogue effects section found in Rhodes’ acclaimed MK8 piano, making them readily available for users working in a DAW-based studio or live environment. ​



V-RACK presents the ultimate degree of flexibility for users, with an advanced feature set that’s only possible in this plug-in format. Each of the seven unique stereo analogue effects can be used in any combination and applied to any sound source within your DAW based productions, whilst the effects can also be used live within your DAW on your laptop to process instruments on the fly. The V-RACK includes three types of Drive, parametric EQ, compression, advanced stereo panning, delay and extended modulation effects, opening up a vast range of sonic possibilities for musicians, composers, engineers and producers. ​

“We are excited to be extending our range of plug-ins with the introduction of V-RACK,” commented Dan Goldman, Chief Product Officer at Rhodes. “The V-RACK is a highly flexible plug-in that faithfully recreates our classic, yet forward thinking effects found in our flagship MK8 piano, whilst creatively extending their functionality so that instrumentalists and producers can utilize them for a wide range of creative applications.”


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Each V-RACK suite includes:

  • 3 Drive modes including including MK8, Saturation and Overdrive
  • Resonant 3- band Parametric EQ/Multimode Filter with resonant LP/HP/BP/ Peak modes
  • Vari-Pan circuit with Rate/Depth, 4 preset waveshapes, audio-rate modulation + continuously variable wave shaping with BPM sync
  • VCA Compressor with Amount and Makeup Gain
  • VCA 4-stage Phaser with Rate/Depth and BPM Sync
  • Bucket Brigade Chorus with Rate/Depth and BPM Sync
  • Bucket Brigade Delay with Time/Feedback/Mix, clipping, EQ, jitter Tap Tempo and BPM sync

Extended parameters
Each effect unit on the V-RACK is equipped with extended parameters to enhance sonic capabilities while working within a DAW. For instance, the VCA compressor is equipped with attack, threshold and release faders, as well as a side chain input to help control the mix dynamics or to facilitate creative ducking and triggering. The parametric EQ features selectable center frequencies and a multimode filter to facilitate wah-based and enveloped, filtered effects.


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Meantime, the resonance and spread of the phaser effect can be automated to suit your mix — or the feedback on the delay can be adjusted to add life to transitions within a composition or performance. The V-RACK conveniently organizes each of these effects into a single plug-in, eliminating the need to overpopulate your channel strip with any number of disparate plug-ins instances — making for a more efficient workflow and saving precious CPU. ​

With the V-RACK, Rhodes is expanding on its line of beloved plug-ins, introducing a new level of creativity and flexibility to any production toolbox. To celebrate the release of the V-RACK on November 17th, 2023, Rhodes will offer a special introductory 50% discount on the V-RACK plug-in. Additionally, there is currently a 50% discount on the V8 Series flagship piano software until November 27th as part of the Rhodes Black Friday month. For further details, please head over to the Rhodes store. ​


Full pricing information for the V-RACK plug-in below:

Retail: £99.95 / €99.95 / $124.95

Discount: £49.95 / €49.95 / $59.95


About Rhodes ​
For Rhodes loyalists around the world, this is a new chapter in Rhodes history; not a new book. With the Rhodes MK8, we’re returning to the principles, aesthetic, craftsmanship and pride of Harold Rhodes’ originals. We’re paying homage to the past with our gaze fixed firmly on what lies ahead.