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Industry Brands Help Dealers Win by Supporting VITAL CI Business Mastery Webinar Series

VITAL announces its 12-Month CI Business Mastery Class via live webinars

VITAL, a Custom Integration centric business coaching and software company, announces its 12-Month CI Business Mastery Class via live webinars. The class will be supported each month by an industry brand, who in turn will give away the class to their select dealers of choice at no cost to them.

The supporting brands, “Mastery Advocates” are investing in their dealers to improve and grow beyond their own expectations. Thought-leading brands are being personally invited to participate, and the first of these brands to join are d-Tools, HTA and Origin Acoustics, for this program year beginning on March 3, 2022.

“The opportunity to invest marketing dollars directly on CI dealers that want to learn, improve and grow together cannot be measured,” said Barrie McCorkle, Director of Supplier Programs at D-Tools. “We fully support VITAL’s curriculum, dedication to the CI dealers, brands and industry.”

Each month, a very important CI Business Mastery subject will be addressed:

Growth Mindset, Accounting, CI Profit Math & What’s Possible, Profit Levers in the CI Business, The BIG two: gross profit & payroll, Customer deposits & inventory, Optimizing Tech Productivity, Sales Comp Plans, Overhead Management, Optimizing the CI business model, Key Management Practices, and Driving Accountability in your company.

Advocate brands can choose the topic webinar they’d like to support and join the class themselves.  The class they choose to support will proudly showcase their brand logo in all marketing materials, website, and webinar.

Manufacturers and dealers interested should contact VITAL’s Matt Bernath to sign-up at 1 (833) 295-4769, visit: , or by email: [email protected].