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Handshake Direct Mobile Delivers In-Store B2B Mobile Commerce

NEW YORK Handshake, the emerging leader in B2B Commerce technology for manufacturers and distributors, today announced the introduction of Handshake Direct Mobile, a dedicated mobile commerce app that is the latest addition to the company’s B2B Commerce platform. Handshake Direct Mobile is designed for shelf-side ordering making it easy for retailers to keep their stores fully stocked with the right products. Buyers and store staff can instantly place orders, explore product catalogs with HD images and review their order history, bringing the shopping experience of leading consumer eCommerce apps to B2B.

Handshake Direct Mobile is part of Handshake Direct, the Company’s omnichannel B2B eCommerce product family that addresses the needs of global manufacturers and distributors by providing their customers with an on-demand buying experience. As the mobile extension, Handshake Direct Mobile delivers several technologies that are critical to fast and accurate retailer ordering, including barcode scanning using the camera or a Bluetooth scanner. In order to maximize the app’s reach, Handshake Direct Mobile continues to work offline, allowing businesses to prepare their orders in common “dead zones” like store floors and stockrooms. Orders submit automatically when devices reconnect.

Handshake Direct Mobile is now publicly available to all companies. Early adopters of the technology include Peavey Electronics, one of the largest audio equipment manufacturers in the world; Pet Food Experts, an independently owned and operated pet food and supplies distributor; and Cooper-Booth Wholesale a full-line, full-service wholesale distributor for convenience stores. During their adoption periods, customers reported increases in both order volume and order frequency.

“Peavey wants to empower dealers with direct access to information on products and promotions. Mobile commerce is becoming one of the basics for doing business in the 21st century,” said Fred Poole, General Manager, Product Development & North American Sales, Peavey Electronics. “In conversations with Handshake, I knew that they understood our end vision for what we could do with mobile technology. It was also very easy to use, and it could be implemented quickly.”

“Cooper-Booth prides itself on the added value and service we provide to our customers through technology,” said Lori Homsher, Vice President, Information Technology, Cooper-Booth Wholesale Company. “Stores using Handshake Direct Mobile are placing orders more frequently and minimizing empty shelves because it is so easy to quickly place an order once they see stock levels getting low.”

“More and more business is being done on mobile devices, with some estimates suggesting 50% of commerce will be done on mobile within a few years,” said Glen Coates, CEO, Handshake. “The consumerization of business technology helps stores do their ordering faster, so they can spend more time servicing customers, maintaining their storefronts, and can focus on providing their customers with the best in-store experience possible. Leading manufacturers and distributors are recognizing that the future is enabling anywhere, anytime commerce for their customers.”

About Handshake
Founded in 2010, Handshake is the B2B Commerce platform that helps manufacturers and distributors grow their business by making it easy for their customers to order the right products from them, in-person and online. Handshake Rep is a mobile order entry app that allows sales reps to write orders faster and gives them the product and customer information they need to have more strategic customer conversations. Handshake Direct is an omnichannel B2B eCommerce solution that complements field sales reps by giving buyers the convenience of 24×7 ordering and product education through a customB2B eCommerce portal and B2B mobile commerce app. For more information, visit