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FIBARO Highlights New Suite of Lighting Control Micro Modules with Energy Management Dashboard at CEDIA 2016

Both featuring smart power monitoring, Dimmer 2 turns any light switch into a smart device and Switch 2 activates and deactivates electrical devices.

Dallas, TX – September 14-17 – CEDIA EXPO – Booth 7800 – FIBARO, a leading global manufacturer of wireless intelligent home automation and control devices, will showcase a suite of lighting modules featuring advanced energy monitoring at CEDIA EXPO 2016. Dimmer 2, an advanced lighting module with unique features, as well as Relay Switch 2, available as a single and double option, will be featured in booth 7800.

One of the first FIBARO lighting control devices in the U.S. market, Dimmer 2 is able to control, switch and dim lights at any time and is the perfect complement to any modern home. Dimmer 2 gives consumers the ability to add enhanced smart features with a behind the scenes module to any light switch without sacrificing aesthetic or design. A Z-Wave Plus certified device, Dimmer 2’s specially designed algorithm allows it to automatically recognize the type of connected light source used and calibrate it to ensure your smart home lights are optimally controlled. The lighting controller is also designed to act as a scene manager, allowing for intuitive activation of scenes within a room with the touch of a light switch. This dual capacity allows Dimmer 2 to turn any dimmer switch into a scene trigger without the need for an additional device or smartphone in the room.

With full UL & Dekra Certification and the latest generation Z-Wave Plus certification, the Relay Switch 2 module can be controlled either through the Z-Wave network or a simple switch. Thanks to its small size, it can be mounted inside junction boxes or device casings and is equipped with larger connecting terminals, allowing larger diameter wires to be connected, thereby simplifying installation. Further simplifying the installation process, the built-in RGB diode indicates whether Relay Switch 2 has been added or removed from the network, and can alert you as to whether a calibration or an update was successful. It also reveals the signal quality of the Z-Wave network and verifies whether the install location is within range. With a built-in scene activation mechanism, Relay Switch 2 allows you to program different scenes for your connected electrical device of choice.

Connecting a Dimmer 2 to your FIBARO Home Center hub also provides you with insight into the power consumption of your lights for either two and three wire connections or any electrical device connected to Relay Switch 2. The power and energy usage measurement feature is aggregated into easy to read charts on your web dashboard or iPad app and can be utilized to conserve and save money on electric bills. With safety features on board, both the Dimmer 2 and Relay Switch 2 are protected from overheating, overload and voltage drops, and give users warning notifications via the mobile app if these events occur.

“Our vision is to create products that add intelligence to your home – in the devices you touch and use every day and the ones behind the wall. These new lighting modules deliver on that vision,” said Rich Bira, managing director of FIBARO USA. “Energy management is of utmost importance to today’s homeowners. Using the power and energy measurement feature on the Fibaro app or web dashboard, you can monitor the power usage of Dimmer 2 and devices connected to Relay Switch 2, and tweak your usage to help you conserve power and save money.”

Dimmer 2 is now shipping with an MSRP of $59.99. Relay Switch 2 will begin shipping early this fall and will have an MSRP of $59.99.

For more information on Dimmer 2, Relay Switch 2, or FIBARO, please visit