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BenQ Colorific Projector Brings Visual Artist’s Second Major Installation to Life

Short-Throw W1080ST Unleashes Projection Artist’s Creative Vision at New York Art Exhibit

COSTA MESA, Calif. — Oct. 21, 2014 — BenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned provider of visual display solutions and the No. 1-selling DLP(R) projector brand in The Americas(1), today announced that four of the company’s Colorific(TM) W1080ST projectors will be powering visual artist and filmmaker Carmen Osterlye’s newest projection art installation. Titled Apophany, the exhibit will run from Oct. 25 to Nov. 18 at The Invisible Dog Gallery’s Glass House in Brooklyn. 

Exploring the cross section of cultural and biological metamorphosis, Apophany is an immersive video installation that provides a dynamic examination of the speed at which the world around us moves as time outside of itself. The installation invites viewers to contemplate the rate at which things come to pass as a dynamic and complex evolution, often too fast or too slow to witness in detail. Based in Brooklyn, Osterlye’s projects explore re-contextualized video in hybrid format. Her work focuses on concepts of motion and perception, expressing infinite possibilities of the moving image. 

“I’m turning to BenQ’s projectors once again this year for their short-throw capabilities and ability to authentically recreate my original color concepts,” said Osterlye. “In addition to their brightness and HD resolution, the projectors are also extremely easy to use, allowing me to rapidly set up or adjust my installations within imaginative spaces such as The Glass House in Brooklyn without any complicated processes. I am grateful to BenQ for their continuous support, their HD projectors are amazing tools for the visual arts community.”

Designed for visual display applications such as art installations, which require prolonged image projection, BenQ’s W1080ST projectors feature Colorific picture quality to enable more accurate color representation, crisper contrasts, and longer-lasting quality. The result is more than one billion stunning colors, higher contrast ratios, and longer-lasting quality imaging since DLP projectors do not experience light burn or color degradation over extended usage. To facilitate the set-up process and bring more ease-of-use to installations, the short-throw W1080ST delivers an image more than 100 inches wide at less than six feet away from the screen — providing tremendous flexibility in projector placement. 

“Stunning and impeccable color reproduction is critical to Carmen’s projection art,” said Bob Wudeck, Associate Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at BenQ America Corp. “By combining up to seven different colors to create vibrant, true-to-life images as opposed to the traditional three-color spectrum from LCD devices, our W1080ST projectors can deliver higher contrasts — resulting in sharper picture quality and the better reproduction of finely detailed images in a variety of settings. BenQ is proud to help both emerging and established artists bring their creative visions to life, we wish Carmen a very successful exhibition.” 

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The BenQ digital lifestyle brand stands for “Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life,” fusing lifestyle with technology, enjoyment with productivity, and aesthetic design with purpose-built engineering. It is this mantra that has made BenQ the No. 1-selling DLP(R) projector brand in The Americas(1). BenQ America Corp. offers an extensive line of visual display and presentation solutions that incorporate the very latest technologies. The company delivers a broad range of Colorific(TM) projectors, RevolutionEyes(TM) monitors, and flat-panel displays for any application and market — education, home, gaming, enterprise, government, house of worship, digital signage, A/V, and IT — with cutting-edge models that lead the industry in performance, reliability, environmental sustainability, and aesthetics. Whether it’s interactive digital whiteboards for classrooms, full HD 3D projectors for home theaters, short-throw projectors for boardrooms, interactive flat-panel displays for digital signage, or LED backlight monitors for professional gaming, BenQ continues to defy the limits of digital displays. The company’s products are available across North America through leading value-added distributors, resellers, and retailers. 

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(1) Based upon Q2’14 Quarterly Projector Shipment and Forecast Report from PMA Research

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