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BenQ Releases Their First Projector Designed For Commercial Use

The Commercial-Grade BenQ LH730 Features 4,000-Lumen Brightness, 98% Rec. 709 Color Accuracy, HDR, Zero Maintenance, Installation Flexibility, and 24/7 Durability


BenQ has just announced the release of the LH730, the first LED projector in the company’s professional lineup targeted specifically for commercial use. Designed to meet the rigorous standards that commercial applications demand, the LH730 1080p projector features 4,000 lumens of brightness, 98% Rec. 709 color coverage, a single DLP 1080p chip for a sharp and artifact-free image and video, HDR for high contrast, flexible installation features that make it easy to install in a multitude of setups, and no limitations on daily use.

BenQ LH730 Is Bright and Color Accurate
In commercial applications, picture quality demands more than high brightness alone. The LH730 delivers both high brightness and unmatched color accuracy. The commercial-grade projector boasts advanced LED technology that produces 4,000 ANSI lumens of brightness and achieves 98% Rec. 709 for color accuracy, typically only found in home cinema and high-end commercial projectors. The LH730 produces an image that is never distorted or washed out, accurately reproducing charts, text, and video content. Viewers can see fine details with accurate colors to prevent the misinterpretation of data and ensure consistency in brand identity when projecting logos or other branding materials. Projected images are clear, detailed, and true to life for the best text and video presentations in corporate, education, retail, and entertainment applications.

BenQ LH730 Produces Razor-Sharp, High-Contrast Images With No Scaling Artifacts or Color Shifting
Commercial applications demand a sharp image with high contrast in order for viewers to discern fine details and text. The LH730 produces native 1080p resolution that’s attained without pixel shifting for an artifact-free image and no color shifting. It features the same single-chip DLP technology used in BenQ’s renowned professional-grade models to achieve a high contrast and razor-sharp image, compared with some 3LCD projection models using pixel-shifted native XGA resolution panels. As a result, the LH730 delivers numbers and details that are never blurry, and with a single-chip design, there’s no convergence issue that must be manually fixed.

BenQ LH730 Is Durable Enough for 24/7 Use
In a commercial setting, projectors are often used for digital signage, advertising, presentations, and other applications that require the projector to be operational at all times. Unlike many commercial LCD projectors available today which may have warranty limitations of no more than a 12-hour use a day, the LH730 is designed for as much run time as a commercial display with a 24/7 usage rating. The projector features long-lasting LED technology for up to 30,000 hours of life in Eco Mode. Plus, it powers on and off instantly, so no time is wasted.

BenQ LH730 Installs Anywhere — Easily
Many spaces beyond meeting rooms and board rooms, such as retail stores, bowling alleys, or art museums, require commercial-grade projection. The LH730 provides flexible installation options. It’s easy to align the picture perfectly with image calibration features that include auto vertical keystone correction, two-dimensional keystone correction, corner fit, digital image shrink, and digital shift. With a 1.2x zoom, the picture size can be adjusted easily.

BenQ LH730 Requires Zero Maintenance
Finally, BenQ has eliminated the challenge of costly bulb replacements and inconsistent picture quality. The LH730 uses an eco-friendly, mercury-free LED light source that requires no costly lamp replacements. The light engine is completely sealed, preventing the buildup of dust and the damage it causes while also eliminating the expense of cleaning ineffective filters. It also features BenQ’s flexible projector management tools, with the option to monitor and manage BenQ projectors and displays via the company’s free DMS app or via Crestron, AMX, or other control systems with PJLink.

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