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LAS VEGAS – CES Booth #2809 (January 6, 2016)AAMP Global is starting the 2016 year strong with new CES product introductions from several of its power brands including Echomaster, iSimple, PAC, Phoenix Gold, and Rosen.  The mix of new AAMP Global products is sure to deliver an excellent in-car entertainment experience as well as keep drivers safer and more aware of their driving environment.  Phoenix Gold is revamping its Integrated Series of audiophile quality audio products with its new iS-DSP1.8 processor and iS-C8.3F 3-way component speaker package.  Rosen will launch two new integrated entertainment systems in the first quarter of the year that include the high quality AV8900H headrest multimedia system and the FIT-MT15 direct replacement option for the late model Ford Mustang vehicles.  PAC continues to make aftermarket product integration possible with its new RP4.2-TY11 that is applicable to millions of 2001-2016 Toyota vehicles already on the road.  The iSimple MusicStream ISBT3 unveiling at CES is giving music lovers the ability to wirelessly stream their favorite audio tracks to practically any type of vehicle. And, Echomaster is highly focused on helping drivers be more aware of their surroundings with new and innovative technologies for the vehicle, all to arrive early in the year.  AAMP Global welcomes CES attendees to check out all of its technology driven car products which will all be on display at the North Hall, Booth #2809, located in the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

Phoenix Gold

Digital Sound Processor

The iS-DSP1.8 is a car audiophile’s dream for sound quality and tuning.  This highly advanced processor is powered by an Analog Devices 56-bit Digital Sound Processor (DSP) and a Burr Brown high-end audio AD/DA converter. It offers lossless audio streaming using a Wi-Fi interface for Android and iOS, or via USB for Windows. This device is extremely versatile and offers six RCA inputs, six high level inputs, SPDIF input/output, and eight RCA outputs. It features a multitude of tuning controls and sound field adjustments such as equalization, crossover network, and time alignment. Its built-in 30-band 1/3 octave parametric equalizer provides precision sound adjustments for each individual output channel.  The crossover network allows slopes up to -30dB with the ability to combine channels.  Users can delay audio signals to bring the listener to the middle of the soundstage with switchable time alignment modes in milliseconds or inches with delays up to 14.5 milliseconds/190.5 inches. The iS-DSP1.8 sends out its own wireless signal enabling the user to utilize a PC or smart device to make sound field corrections to create an incredible audio experience.  In addition, it streams high-res audio content over Wi-Fi via DSP1.8 app available on Android & iOs or via USB input for Windows devices. The unit can support up to five sources (streaming, auxiliary, high level, preamp, and optical) and can be daisy chained to a second iS-DSP1.8 through an optical output creating up to 16 channels. Suggested retail price for the iS-DSP1.8 is $1100 and will be available starting in March.

OEM Component Speakers

The iS-C8.3F is a new 3-way component speaker set specifically designed for select BMW vehicles.  Consisting of two 8” midbass speakers, two 4” midranges, 25mm silk dome tweeters, and an outboard crossover network, this speaker kit produces outstanding sound quality with increased dynamic range.  The included crossover networks are precision matched for a flatter response so listeners will experience less coloration and a more natural sound reproduction.  The speakers are direct replacements requiring no modifications to the vehicle.  BMW applications include the 6-Series Cabrio and Coupe, X3, X4, X5, X6, 1-Series (3 and 5 door), 3-Series GT, Limo and Touring, and 4-Series Coupe, Cabrio, and Gran Coupe. Other applications of the line, along with individual separate components, will be available for select Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz vehicles.  Suggested retail price of the iS-C8.3F is to be determined and will be available starting in April.


8-inch Headrest Multimedia System

The Rosen AV8900H is a headrest multimedia system that features large 8-inch displays and the industry’s first “all digital” system to provide crisp and clear picture quality.  Unique to this system is its processor which keeps the signal from the source to the monitor in digital form with no conversion to analog resulting in unparalleled picture quality.  The system also offers DVD/CD playback, and multiple inputs including two HDMI, micro-SD, auxiliary input, and USB connectivity.  Dual HDMI can connect to smartphones or other devices with HDMI output (ROKU stick, Amazon Firestick, etc.) and the USB connection can support 1080P file format and up to 1 TB.  Suggested retail price (log on to 

Direct Replacement System

The FIT-MT15 is a direct replacement option for the 4-inch factory radio on a 2015 Mustang and adds a larger high resolution 8-inch touchscreen, iGO NextGen turn-by-turn navigation, HDMI connectivity, and an AV input.  The system provides an OE look retaining the factory AC controls and convenient factory features such as SYNC, USB connection, and back-up camera. The FIT-MT15 is expected to be released on the first quarter of 2016.  Suggested retail price (log on to


RadioPRO Interface

PAC continues to make it faster and easier for installers to add the latest technologies into the vehicle.  The new RadioPRO RP4.2-TY11 radio replacement interface is designed for select 2001-2016 Toyota, Lexus, and Scion vehicle models applicable to millions of vehicles already on the road.  The module enables installation of an aftermarket radio while retaining the factory steering wheel control functions as well as maintaining compatibility with the factory JBL and JBL Synthesis amplified audio systems, and the built-in 3.5 mm auxiliary audio jack. The built-in USB connection and back-up camera can also be retained when paired with an optional PAC harness. Suggested retail price of the RP4.2-TY11 is $199.95.


Bluetooth Receiver

MusicStream ISBT3 is a new versatile Bluetooth receiver that lets consumers enjoy their favorite tunes virtually anywhere in any weather environment.  The receiver produces up to four volts (4V) of preamp output to provide users with the clearest Bluetooth audio experience.  With its weather resistant housing, the unit can withstand all types of in-vehicle environments whether it’s in a car, a motorcycle, or power sport vehicle and even a marine vessel.  The system gives music enthusiasts the ability to listen to their favorite playlists stored on their smartphones or tablets anywhere their life takes them, on-the-road, off-road, or even off-shore.  Suggested retail price of the MusicStream is $39.95.


Safety Products

AAMP Global is excited to introduce our comprehensive global safety line under the brand EchoMaster.  For work and for play, EchoMaster has a full range of solutions for any situation—backing up, driving or parking.  In addition to the robust product offering, the EchoMaster team has been developing custom solutions for OEM and fleet management to help businesses protect their assets and team members, for over 20 years.  The product portfolio includes a full range of cameras, monitors, sensors and accessories to address any safety need. It caters to consumers looking for a grab and go solution, or those wanting to retain the OEM look and feel with fully integrated, installed solutions. Feature rich, and the highest quality, the EchoMaster line is setting the standard for the growing safety market.  A full working display will be available for purchase in the AAMP Global CES booth.

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Established in 1987, owned by Audax Private Equity, and headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, AAMP Global restlessly pursues innovative ways to enhance what moves you. Global manufacturer of mobile aftermarket technology; developing vehicle safety solutions under EchoMaster, smartphone connectivity under iSimple, rear seat entertainment and navigation under Rosen, high power audio enhancement under Stinger and Phoenix Gold, and radio replacement while retaining factory features and functionality under Autoleads and PAC. AAMP enables you to define your drive, one vehicle at a time, anywhere in the world.