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Retail Solutions Abound At CTIA

Las Vegas – Dealers coming to the CTIA show will get an opportunity to touch products that help them sell or generate in-store traffic.

Cellebrite and EcoATM are among the companies showing solutions here this week.

Cellebrite is bringing new features to its retail solutions, such as the Cellebrite P2P WiFi Transfer app for iOS and Android devices, which enable stores to transfer data from old to new phones and detect and correct mobile phone problems to reduce the number of repair bookings. It can also optimize the phone’s performance to resolve customer complaints when an actual fault is not the root of the problem.

The company is adding this new feature to existing tools that detect and remove malware applications and detect antitheft features. The latter enables dealers to determine if a kill switch is active, helps the owner deactivate it, and confirms deactivation prior to the carrier/retailer buying the phone or booking it for repair.

For consumers who are getting rid of an old phone, EcoATM will bring its automated cellphone recycling kiosk to the convention.

EcoATM operates more than 1,100 kiosks in malls and Walmart stores across the country and is planning further expansion, this time into Kroger and Giant Eagle stores as well as additional Walmart locations.

EcoATM has collected 3 million devices since its first EcoATM was installed in September 2009. Cash given for mobile devices ranges from $1 to $250 per device, and every transaction provides an opportunity to donate some or all of the proceeds to charity. EcoATM said it finds a second life for 75 percent of devices collected and recycles the rest.