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CTIA Wireless 2010: Bluetooth Solutions Abound

Las Vegas – Several new feature-rich Bluetooth solutions are being
introduced today as International CTIA Wireless 2010 gets underway here.


is showing its new Clipper stereo Bluetooth headset which
combines noise-canceling ear buds with a tiny clip-on device that wirelessly links
to two devices, such as a cellphone and MP3 player, and allows a user to switch
between calls and music on the headset. Incoming calls will automatically
override music played, and users can pause, skip tracks or alter the volume
with a single multifunction button. The phone and MP3 player can be stored
separately in a bag or pocket without breaking the connection. 

The Clipper can also be used
with any 3.5mm headphones. It’s less than 5 centimeters long and weighs less
than half an ounce. It will be available in May at a suggested retail of

Mizco International

is adding seven new models to its Cellular Innovations
line of Talk 2 Bluetooth headsets, some incorporating A2DP stereo audio
streaming, remote music controls and background noise-canceling functions as
standard features.

New models include the
HFBLU-CK2 slimline Bluetooth hands-free car kit, which carries a suggested retail
price of $34.99. It features Bluetooth V2.1 technology, stereo audio streaming
and remote music controls, voice dialing, call reject, mute, 10-hour talktime,
and 400 hours of standby time. The package also comes with a mini-USB car
charger and visor-mount clip. 

Also new are a “his and hers”
HFBLU-2PK twin pack of Bluetooth headsets with two mono headsets, each
featuring a slightly different cosmetic design for $39.99.


, a division of ODI, is introducing its Aura EQ headset, a
Bluetooth in-ear set with a unique second mode for local enhanced hearing,
turning the headset into a personal sound amplification product. The switching
dual-microphone focus point allows users to utilize the headset for normal
cellphone calls, or switch to distance and change the focus to three feet away.
The Aura EQ amplifies and equalizes the voice of the person speaking to better
hear and participate in conversations in noisy rooms.

The device’s DSP design
utilizes three microphones: one for Bluetooth cellphone conversations focused
on the mouth, one for local amplified local conversations focused in front of
the user, and one used as the ambient noise filter.

The Aura EQ includes
capacitive volume control — the outer shell of the unit is the volume-control
mechanism. The user rubs a finger on the earpiece from back to front or front
to back to raise/lower the volume level.

A frequency-band equalizer
allows the user to adjust to personal hearing preferences to improve verbal
recognition. Three preset EQ settings are included for the most common loss
points, but the levels are completely user adjustable. Once set, the settings
are saved as personal settings until changed.

The Aura EQ retails for $99
and will be available in April.


Blue Ant

offering a free Android OS app designed for use with the company’s Q1
hands-free headset that enables text messages to be read aloud into the
headset. The headset already lets wearers listen to turn-by-turn driving
instructions and music streamed through Bluetooth-stereo-equipped portable
navigation devices and car stereos.

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