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Palm Stores To Become Airport Wireless Locations

Airport Wireless, a wireless and mobile electronics retailer located in airports, announced it will transform all Airport Wireless stores previously marketed under the Palm brand into Airport Wireless locations.

“As of Jan. 31, we are no longer exclusively co-branding with Palm, Inc. We have enjoyed a mutually beneficial alliance with Palm over the past five years, but our expansion plans call for us to carry a wider array of products,” said Iris Goldschmidt, co-CEO and president, in a release. “We still expect to carry Palm products, but we are going to add to that portfolio with products from companies like Nokia and RIM, as well as expand to more stores.”

“[Airport Wireless’] strategy going forward is to focus more on expanding their retail presence to a wider array of products, and our strategy is to focus more on delivering great mobile products and less on driving a retail presence,” said Charlie Simpson, director, Palm retail and Web stores, Palm. “This change should be good for both companies.”

The two companies originally partnered in 2003.

Airport Wireless said it has begun forging partnerships with companies such as Nokia and BlackBerry, and it will continue to stock accessories that are compatible with Palm devices. In addition, the company said it is in discussions with Palm on maintaining the manufacturer’s devices as part of the selection in stores.

The company currently owns and operates 31 retail locations in major airports across the country. In the next 18 months, Airport Wireless said it expects to add another 19 locations to its portfolio. “