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Nationwide Marketing Group Introduces Connected Home Division

Industry’s first home division exclusively dedicated to independent retailers

Nationwide Connected Home, the industry’s first dedicated connected home division, was launched on June 28, 2019 by Nationwide Marketing Group to provide members and vendor partners with resources, training and support to better address their customer’s connectivity needs.

“Many of today’s mainstream connected home products have been focused on the early DIY adopters and DIY retail channels, but today’s consumers want – and deserve – more guidance on how to make better use of all the smart products available in the marketplace,” said Derek Mattila, vice president of merchandising for Nationwide Marketing Group, in a statement. “The move to 5G will speed wireless connections, making device usage easier and spurring growth of the connected home movement. We’re excited to help our members prepare now to create a best-in-class experience for their customers and capture a share of what promises to be a multi-billion-dollar industry.”

“Connected devices are everywhere – from phones and appliances to thermostats, televisions, speakers and even adjustable beds,” said Tom Hickman, Nationwide’s president and chief member advocate in the official statement. “But while the opportunities to connect are numerous, consumers are struggling to make this new technology really work for them in a cohesive fashion. Nationwide Connected Home will give our members and vendor partners the resources and support they need to move the connected home experience from a novelty to a necessity.”

Partnering with Nest Labs and Google in 2017 provided Nationwide independent retailers with exclusive access to Google Nest’s entire line of thermostats, entertainment, security and home assistance devices. In 2019, Nationwide entered an exclusive partnership with AT&T, giving members access to directly sell home internet, DIRECTV, and cellular phone service and devices to their customers.

“Connectivity is going to be the next battleground for premium retail,” added Hickman. “We are the only group positioned to connect all of these divergent pieces and create an unmatched in-store experience that benefits both our members and our vendor partners.”

Nationwide Marketing Group has over 5,500 members operation more than 14,000 storefronts across the U.S. and has been established for nearly 50 years.
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