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D&H Nears 47M In ‘Green’ Unit Volume Since 2010

Harrisburg, Pa. — D&H Distributing, the national IT and CE distributor, has sold nearly 47 million eco-friendly products since 2010, the year it launched its “Go Green” initiative.

The announcement comes as the planet approaches the 45th anniversary of Earth Day on Wednesday.

Specifically, as of today D&H has sold 46,809,568 eco-conservative products under its green program, including more than 7.5 million ordered since last April.

To support the sale of green goods, the distributor incorporated a dedicated search tool into its online product ordering function five years ago, which has allowed customers to more easily identify products that have been rated as energy efficient or ecologically sound.

In addition to product sales, the company has made significant headway in its recycling and conservation programs, having installed a 62,729-square-foot field of solar panels in one of its headquarters parking locations here in 2014. That same year, the installation generated over 1 million kWh of clean power, translating to a CO2 reduction of over 1.4 million pounds, or 639 metric tons.

D&H also hosts an annual recycling day, during which employees can drop off used electronics items. Last year’s event produced 17 pallets of material for recycling, with another recycling day slated for June.

Meanwhile, environmentally friendly measures at D&H’s distribution centers include on-site baling and recycling of cardboard from third-party purchases; mulching of all old and damaged wood pallets; recycling of paper, plastic and aluminum containers; and the use of energy-conservative, motion-controlled lighting and conveyor systems at its office and warehouse locations to minimize power consumption.

“Earth Day is a great time to brainstorm on how else we can preserve resources, to review how efficient our current policies have been, and to assess how they impact our customers’ business,” said sales senior VP Jeff Davis. “On Earth Day’s 45th anniversary and the fifth anniversary of D&H’s Go Green program, it’s especially appropriate to take stock, noting how to keep ecological endeavors top of mind, and encouraging a more eco-friendly channel through the proliferation of these products and practices.”