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CEA Holds First Wireless Meeting

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) held the first teleconference of its Retailer Advisory Group last month.

As a part of CEA’s wireless communications division, the recently formed advisory group has begun to work with wireless manufacturers, carriers and distributors on developing new programs, services, industry research and training forums for retailers.

Comprised of wireless retailers ranging in size from one-store outlets to large chains, the Retailer Advisory Group will continue to meet regularly to discuss strategies that promote the growth, development and sales of wireless communications and handheld-related products.

Specific efforts will include a Webcast seminar series, the creation of national marketing campaigns, the generation of wireless market research, and a retail training and certification program.

“With increasingly mobile lives and the desire to be connected anywhere, consumers are rapidly adopting wireless devices for a variety of personal and professional needs,” said Audiovox president John Shalam, who also chairs CEA’s wireless communications division. “Only by working in conjunction with retailers can this industry ensure the increase in retail sales of wireless and handheld products, as well as advance the development of convergent products and technologies for the consumer market.”

He added that CEA is the only association that is fostering a “necessary relationship” between wireless vendors and dealers.