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BLAUPUNKT Signs License Agreement For TV, BBD And Audio Products In North America

Initial 2021 line-up will include HD, FHD and UHD TV´s from 32” to 85”

Chino, CA based Bella iTech and GIP Development, as the brand owner of BLAUPUNKT, have signed a Branding Licensing Agreement to bring BLAUPUNKT branded TV and audio products to North America. Under the BLAUPUNKT brand, the licensee will be selling a full range of television, browser based display and audio products.

The initial 2021 line-up will include HD, FHD and UHD TV´s from 32” to 85”. The featured product that will be highlighted in 2021 is the new Browser Based Display (BBD) which is designed to meet the new demand created during the pandemic when stay-at-home orders pushed consumers to find new solutions to integrate home office and schooling with home entertainment.

In the beginning, the BBD units will be made available in smaller sizes (27”, 32”, 42”) for portability, to help with online classes, virtual meetings, and to act as a one-stop solution for the household.

Optional models for the BBD may include:

  1. A green energy function with solar-chargeable battery
  2. 5G capabilities to allow users to insert a sim card to receive 5G signal and act as an internet router and AIoT hub for all WiFi-capable smart devices.

In addition to the TV line-up Bella iTech will launch a portfolio of soundbars, mini and micro WiFi-HiFi units, true wireless sound in-ear HiFi and Bluetooth Sunglasses.

“Coping with new buying behaviors is a crucial factor in successful business,” said Mickey Cho, CEO of Bella Itech in a statement. “We at Bella iTech realized that consumers were looking for more options to optimize their homes. The question became how can you capture the consumer’s interest in new products? This is subject to the trust of the brand and the level of product reliability. With the BLAUPUNKT brand we see a great opportunity to utilize a trustworthy and highly reputable brand for our market development.”

“Within the last 2 years, we have signed several new license contracts for Television in India, South America, former CIS states, Turkey and the Middle East,” said Andrzej Cebrat, Managing Director of GIP Development SARL in a statement. “Now a North American partner is convinced of the benefits of our licensing program and will join the Blaupunkt Community. We are very honored to have found an excellent partnership to introduce Blaupunkt TV sets and audio products to the North American market. For many years the Blaupunkt brand has been recognized as a consumer lifestyle brand in many parts of the world. This new development will further expand the brand’s perception in the North American market from a car audio brand to a consumer lifestyle.”

About Bella iTech
Bella iTech Corporation was established in March 2020. It is a technology-based product development, sales and marketing company focusing on. Bella iTech focuses on the technology-driven hardware field, in new materials, semiconductors, new energy, special environmental protection, and consumer electronics industries, with early investment and industrialization. In 2020, Bella became a brand licensee of the well-known German brand Blaupunkt. Other than traditional TV, smart TV and WiFi HiFi Audio, Bella iTech developed and will market an innovative product the Browser Based Display (BBD), an AIoT integrated hub display. Bella iTech is also specializing in technology development and US-made projects.

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