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Asurion Simplifies Warranty Registration

Asurion, the leading extended warranty provider, has developed a simple two-step process that allows consumers to register their new CE and appliance protection plans via mobile phone.

To use the Text-to-Register service, shoppers need only photograph the QR code at the bottom of their sales receipt and text it to a designated phone number.

The process, introduced by the company’s Asurion Retail Solutions domestic unit, saves the receipt online, where users can view and manage their extended service plans, thereby helping retailers enhance the post-purchase experience for customers.

“Our new Text-to-Register service leverages shoppers’ growing use of their smartphones to help them shop the way they want to, supporting an easy, seamless shopping experience,” said Rob DiRocco, senior VP, Asurion Retail Solutions. “Our new service also allows shoppers to access their protection plans when they need them, without the hassle of storing and digging out old receipts.”

The company’s product protection plans are carried by more than 50 of the largest U.S. retailers and are available online and in over 34,000 retail storefronts.