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Zepp Enlists Renowned Coaches To Boost Zepp Baseball

San Francisco – Zepp’s latest value add to its Zepp Baseball swing-analysis tool is the input of some legendary hitting coaches.

Zepp is announcing this afternoon the new Zepp Coaches Center, an app-driven library of instructional content from experts such as Chicago Cubs hitting coach John Mallee, University of Florida head coach Tim Walton and former UCLA softball coach and All-American player Sue Enquist.

Available for free at, the Zepp Coaches Center feature more than 60 how-to videos of proven tips and drills, fun challenges and practice plans. Also available is a specially priced product bundle designed exclusively for coaches to outfit their teams.

“I am constantly learning to be a better teacher and coach. Using Zepp has helped me coach hitting from a completely different perspective,” said Walton. “It’s changing the way our players are building their swings.”

With Zepp, coaches learn to harness the power of video, 3D, and instant actionable data to inspire and improve their team’s performance, the companys aid. Coaches can add players to their roster from within the app. Then they attach the Zepp sensor to the baseball or softball bat to begin collecting swing data. Through the app, the coach can analyze each player’s swing and customize a practice routine based on the Zepp app’s insights and lab reports.

“How many times are you coaching, and you’re telling your player ‘I think this is happening?’ You’re watching 2D video and you’re really not getting a clear picture of what’s going on. With the Zepp sensor, we are able to see the metrics, and understand what’s happening, why it’s happening, and how we are going to change it,” said Mallee. “I am thrilled to use Zepp with my own players, and I’m excited to share it with all of the other coaches looking to support, engage, motivate and improve their team.”