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First Rugged Apple Watch Could Go Pro With An Eye-Watering Price To Match

The new rugged wearable is expected to command a price of at least $900 while using the Pro name

(image credit: Spigen)

The world’s first rugged Apple Watch could carry the Pro moniker according to a new report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. If so, it also appears that the new watch will also sport a price tag to match that high-end name.

Writing in the weekly Power On newsletter, Gurman suggests that the new rugged Apple Watch could be called Apple Watch Pro or similar thanks to its use of a larger display than other models. That would also suggest that a higher price could be in the cards, with $900 and above mentioned.

Given that the new high-end Apple Watch will pack in a slightly larger display, new sensors and higher-end materials, I wouldn’t be surprised if it starts closer to $900 to $999, the starting price of an iPhone 13 Pro. We’re only a couple months away from finding out exactly where Apple lands.

That larger display is reported to measure around two inches diagonally while the construction of the watch is likely to feature more robust materials to make the overall package more suited to extreme sports.

Apple’s Pro devices, including iPhone 13 Pro and MacBook Pro tend to be among its most costly while packing features that make them more specialist. Improved cameras, faster Apple silicon, and more are prime examples and Gurman appears to be suggesting that by making the new rugged Apple Watch more capable in terms of longevity — a longer-lasting battery has also been reported — that Apple could apply the same logic here.

Given that the rugged Apple Watch, codenamed N199 inside the company, will apply to extreme sports enthusiasts and consumers who typically spring for Apple’s pro offerings, I think the company will probably go with the Apple Watch Pro name and marketing. Apple has already been touting the durability of the current watches, so it’s clearly a selling point that it believes clicks with consumers.

Gurman also references Apple Watch Edition, previous high-end options that cost thousands of dollars and ultimately flopped. It isn’t expected that the new Apple Watch Pro would be quite so extravagant, however.

Apple is expected to announce the new rugged device alongside its Apple Watch Series 8 and an updated Apple Watch SE during an event this fall, likely alongside the big iPhone 14 unveiling.

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