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Visioneer, DigiScents Star At RetailVision

ORLANDO, FLA. — Fall RetailVision 2000 attendees were treated to new product offerings in computers and convergence that ranged from the conventional to the out of the ordinary, along with the chance to hear what analysts from PC Data and NPD Intelect had to say about the state of the industry.

More than 260 vendors and 215 retailers were at Disney’s Dolphin Hotel from Sept. 5-8 to show off new products to retail buyers on hand. (Please see pages 33 and 52 for more product coverage.)

Visioneer took home two Retail-

Vision awards, one for Best Hardware product for its One Touch 8650 scanner and another for Best Presentation.

DigiScents garnered Best New Technology with its iSmell Personal Scent Synthesizer that enables a PC to create various odors.

The other product award winners were Seiko Instruments’ Smart Pad for Best Product Accessory; Archos Technology’s MP3 Jukebox 6000 for Best Product Peripheral; Network ICE’s BlackICE Defender for Best Productivity Software; and School Zone Interactive’s On-Track Software Series for Best Edutainment/Entertainment Software.

Belkin Components won the Best Merchandising award, while Microsoft took home the trophy for Best Retail Strategy, and Targus was named Best Vendor.

Roger Lanctot, director of research for Reston, Va.-based PC Data, gave retailers and vendors some insight into what types of retailers are succeeding this year. Lanctot’s data revealed that mail order is the fastest-growing category for software and hardware products, although software sales overall have been generally flat.

Melissa Orr, president of Campaigners, discussed how click & mortar retailers must change their thinking to deal properly with the Web-based part of their business. She primarily focused on how to successfully market and advertise Internet products.

Campaigners has found that one-to-one marketing, where an e-tailer sends individual consumers notices when a new product is out, does not work, with the exception of what Amazon and Lands End have accomplished.

Orr also noted that outdoor advertising is on the increase for e-tailers and appears to be an excellent way to grab potential customers.