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Q&A With Konka North America’s Scott Ramirez, SVP Of Sales and Marketing

KONKA's North American rollout plans begin with U5, H3 and Q7 Pro series Android TVs

Konka Q7 Pro Series

With the recent news of TV manufacturing powerhouse KONKA expanding into North America, TWICE took the opportunity to chat with Scott Ramirez, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for KONKA North America and get the inside scoop on KONKA’s plans and what they’re doing to break into the US market.

TWICE: KONKA showcased the U5, Q7 Pro and H3 series at CES 2020. What was the impression of the public to KONKA TVs?

Scott Ramirez: The reaction has been excellent! Today’s consumer wants something new and they want value, so they are always looking for that next great thing. Good retailers want to provide that for them, and we are helping them do that.

With features like Android TV with the Included Voice Control Remote and the KONKA ZeroBezel Design for virtually edge-to-edge screen, on every single model, KONKA truly provides more for your money. However, when we created our U5 series, we added a litany of picture technology features such as the KONKA XC3™ Quad Core+ Engine (with CrystalView™ multi-function clarity enhancer, DeepBlack™ dynamic contrast enhancer and PurePallete™ wide color enhancer), HiBright™ Pro LED Backlight for 25% more brightness, ColorWave™ Wide Color Gamut, AccuMotion™ enhanced motion rate, 4K HDR and more. The goal was to create a noticeably better TV and the result is a series of TVs that are truly best-in-class.

TWICE: What are the greatest challenges you see for KONKA in North America?

SR: For all brands, managing the ever-changing supply chain is now imperative. For KONKA specifically, we also need to grow our brand awareness. We have recently launched our North America website and social sites and will grow our digital presence. In addition, we will take a more grass roots approach with our retail partners.

U5 Series 4K Android TV

TWICE: What advantages does KONKA have to break into the North American market?

SR: Although new in North America, KONKA is a huge Global powerhouse. With $7.9B in annual revenue and over 19,000 employees, this is a big company with strong buying power. More importantly, we have been a prime manufacturer for 35 years, with annual TV production capacity of over 17M units. From the market side, we are a Top 5 TV brand in China, and we will become a key brand in North America. Our first and main product is TV, but as we move forward you will see KONKA introduce additional product categories, solidifying our position as a Leader in Digital Home Entertainment.

TWICE: Samsung, LG and Sony have a firm grip on the US TV market. What makes KONKA stand out from their competition?

SR: Those brands are certainly strong, especially in the premium space. However, in the value space the consumer is more focused on what they get for their money. We have curated a line-up that provides both quality and technology at price points everyone can afford and includes key features that aren’t usually available at those price points. We believe that once customers understand the amazing combination of quality, technology and value they can get with a KONKA TV, they will want one.

TWICE: KONKA recently announced it has formed an exclusive partnership with Nationwide Marketing Group and O’Rourke Sales to distribute and sell the U5, H3 and Q7 Pro series through their members and distribution network. Why did KONKA pursue this avenue instead of courting big box retailers?

SR: KONKA is focusing on true selling floors. Our retail partners are well suited to tell our brand story and to explain the many advantages and benefits that consumers get when they choose KONKA. The benefits are real and demonstrable, so once they are demonstrated or explained, buying KONKA becomes an easy choice.

TWICE: How has the current pandemic situation affected KONKA’s rollout plans in North America?

SR: The pandemic has affected everyone and every business. First, let me say that our hearts go out to those that have experienced true personal tragedies and our appreciation goes out to those front-line workers helping keep us safe and healthy. Regarding KONKA, it has caused a slight delay in our launch timing, but we are shipping now.

TWICE: Can we expect Micro-LED sets for North America in the near future?

SR: KONKA is one of just a few global companies investing heavily in Micro LED development. With its combination of super bright whites, absolute black, and flexible physical scaling, Micro LED will become the pinnacle of display technology. KONKA hopes to bring Micro LED to the consumer market in just three to five years.

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