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PPDS Unveils ‘Zero Power’ Philips Tableaux Range Of Digital Signage

No plug? No problem.

PPDS is continuing to innovate with a range of full-size Philips Tableaux advanced color ePaper (ACeP) signage displays capable of “zero power” mode, wherein each display can deliver 24/7 content while running entirely unplugged and without using a kilowatt of electricity. These new models complement PPDS’ growing portfolio of professional displays.

The new Philips Tableaux displays represent a focus from PPDS to continue to bring solutions to market that are not only high impact but highly sustainable. These new models are the world’s first 60,000 color ePaper signage solutions launched by a leading display manufacturer. Aimed at a variety of verticals, the new Tableaux displays provide efficient cost and energy savings to retail, corporate, hospitality, public spaces, and transportation.

Available in 25″ 16:9 and 28″ 32:9 stretch variants at launch, Philips Tableaux displays are an ideal solution for businesses looking to digitize their paper-based signage. This includes signage displaying opening hours, timetables, menus, or promotions, or businesses looking to swap out their current digital models for something more energy efficient and easily updatable.

Philips Tableaux with “zero power” functionality is perfect for any environment with limited access to power sources, as this range only requires a direct power source when content is being updated. Content updates can be managed either manually or entirely remotely using PPDS’ in-house or third-party professional display control and management platforms. Light enough to be moved around easily when required, the Philips Tableaux Series will also soon be compatible with the evolutionary PPDS Wave cloud-based fleet management platform, designed and built exclusively for Philips professional displays.

Further Philips Tableaux display sizes will be added in the coming months, with customers invited to learn more and to experience for themselves the current and future plans from PPDS on Philips stand 3P600 during ISE 2023.

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