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Terk Dishes Up HDTV Antennas

INDIANAPOLIS — Terk Technologies used the CEDIA Expo 2000 to show custom electronics installers three antennas designed for HDTV reception and a pair of satellite dishes for DirecTV’s home satellite system.

The satellite dishes offer a significant new business opportunity for Terk. As DirecTV expands its programming lineup to satellites in multiple orbital slots, it will be necessary for some customers to use a new 24-inch elliptical dish that requires professional installation. As a result, the service provider is encouraging satellite receiver manufacturers to unbundle dishes from receiver packages.

Terk is positioning itself to be a leading supplier of this new aftermarket dish business for both DBS receivers and new integrated HDTV sets with built-in satellite decoders.

The line will include one traditional 18-inch dish with dual-LNBs (TRK-S2, $49.95 suggested retail) and the 24-inch model (TRK-S22, $149.95) with dual LNB hookups. The wider dish will receive DirecTV HDTV broadcasts, local TV channels in certain markets and DirecTV’s new Para Todos Spanish-language tier.

Highlighting the new antennas optimized for HDTV reception is an amplified indoor/outdoor unit de-signed to receive off-air digital (ATSC) and analog (NTSC) broadcasts.

Model TV-55 ($129.95 suggested retail) is similar to the stick antenna designs of the TV-50 and FM-50 antennas. The style is ideal for apartment dwellers because it can be mounted on a wall above a curtain rod or door frame, or below a windowsill. It also comes with an easy-to-use bracket with wing nut, for fast connection to a rooftop mast.

For those residing farther from a transmission source, Terk offers the TV-35 ($99.95) Yagi-style rooftop UHF/VHF antenna. The company also offers its TV-60 ($399.95), which includes a dual-mode, ultra-low noise amplifier, and a special shielded helical coil element to reduce the threat of multipath signal conditions. The directional antenna has been designed with a wide 120-degree aperture.

Also added to the line is an assortment of accessories to aid in multiroom connections. The TSP-6 surge suppressor ($39.95) has eight AC outlets, a phone line outlet and coaxial outlets to protect an A/V system. The VS-4 video switcher ($39.95) has inputs for up to four A/V- and S-video-equipped devices, as well a connection for powered speakers.