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Tablet Accessories: Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480

Logitech’s Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 was created to fit the needs of people who regularly switch between devices, from smartphone to tablet to desktop or laptop.

It was created to make it easy for users to do what they need to on their Windows, Mac or Chrome computer and to say what they want on their iOS tablet or smartphone – all at their desk.

Designed specifically to maximize efficiency for multi-taskers, users can type in comfort on the full-sized keyboard, featuring an integrated stand that holds their smartphone or tablet front and center at just the right angle, avoiding the need to manually switch between three different devices. By providing a harmonious solution for device integration and multiple operating systems, the K480 was created to help increase efficiency and allow for greater productivity throughout the day, ultimately increasing businesses productivity.

As people “compute” across multiple screens from work and home, Logitech’s research shows that 85 percent of people who use a computer and a mobile device struggle with the complexity of using two or more operating systems simultaneously. Fifty percent of consumers expressed interest in a keyboard that can easily switch between devices, as on average, consumers own three devices, and they’d like technology to simplify their life, not add unnecessary clutter. The keyboard is available in white and black, so users can select the right colors for their work environment.