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Storage Bags Secure Digital Cameras

M-Rock is adding two SLR digital-camera bags to its line of large-size bags that can accommodate cameras with attached lenses up to 6 inches long.

Called the Everglade and High Sierra, the bags feature U-shaped lens cradles that secure cameras with larger attached lenses, while keeping the camera weight off the lens. The bags offer triple protection, including rain flaps, zippers and buckle closures, as well as tough, water-resistant material and weather jacket.

The bags, part of the M-Rock line of 14 camera and accessory bags, include two shoulder straps and feature thick, closed-cell foam. Any smaller M-Rock bag can be mixed and matched by attaching it to the sides of a larger bag or to the M-Rock modular belt.

Suggested retail is $100 for the Everglade and $48 for the High Sierra.