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New Products


LONG BEACH, CALIF. — JR Inkjet is debuting its complete inkjet refilling solution into the U.S. market at RetailVision, along with a major new product launch, still under wraps at press time, for the home and SOHO printing market.

A UK brand leader in the inkjet refills market, JR Inkjet is also launching its Black and Colour Inkjet Refill Kits, both containing 90 mls. of ink, and its Epson chip reprogrammer, Zap-It, which enables Epson chipped cartridges to be refilled. These kits, which will refill over 750 printers and faxes, are designed to offer consumers high value and retailers high margins from only three SKUs, and all products are supported by a consumer help line, which routes consumer support away from the retailer and back to JR Inkjet.

JR Inkjet will also be unveiling its range of compatible cartridges and its latest remanufactured cartridge range.


CHATSWORTH, CALIF. — Alera Technologies is unveiling a new generation of its DVD/CD duplicator solutions, including the new 1:3 DVD/CD Copy Tower Pro 16 and 1:7 DVD/CD Copy Tower Pro 16. Both are stand-alone DVD/CD Duplicators that copy DVDs at up to 16x on both DVD+R and DVD-R media with no computer required. All Aleratec Copy Towers include a fast hard disk drive to store frequently used source material and to help assure the fastest possible copies. Also featured is the two-button Cruise Control Duplicator controller with advanced new functions.

The new Aleratec DVD/CD Copy Tower family supports all popular DVD formats and can make up to 3 copies or 7 copies simultaneously of a 4.7GB DVD in as fast as 4 minutes at 16x DVD recording speed. With estimated street prices of $1,199 for the 1:3 and $2,299 for the 1:7, the new DVD/CD duplicators are ideal for “prosumer,” corporate, government and education applications.

Alera is also debuting its advanced new Digital Photo Copy Cruiser Plus, which copies digital photos directly to CD from camera memory cards of any capacity, without a computer. The new Digital Photo Copy Cruiser Plus also now records CDs (both PC and Mac are supported), and plays CDs, DVD videos, JPEG files, and MP3 files from CDs, DVDs and Memory Cards. A rechargeable lithium ion battery is included so users can connect it to their TV set, home theater or mobile theater.

The Aleratec Digital Photo Copy Cruisers support Disc Spanning, allowing users to copy photo files seamlessly from one disc to the next, accommodating photo memory cards of any capacity. Photos from each card can be added to the CD in multisession format so the entire 700MB storage capacity of the CD can be used. The Digital Photo Copy Cruiser supports the following digital memory card formats: CF Type I and II, SD, MMC, SM, MS, MS Pro and Micro Drive. (xD is supported when used with an optional xD to CF adapter.) Each package contains the software suite, a USB cable, a 100-240v, 50-60Hz power adapter and users guide. The device has an estimated street price of $269, including the lithium ion battery.

Also being unveiled is the first in a new generation of Super Towers. Alera’s 1:11 CD Super Copy Tower stand-alone CD Duplicators can make up to 11 CD copies at once at up to 52x without a computer, or more than 250 copies of a typical 650MB CD in less than an hour.

Included is the new Aleratec two-button Cruise Control Duplicator controller with advanced new functions. The easy-to-use controller has a compact, two-level menu structure with the five most used duplicator functions (copy, compare, verify, erase and test) readily available in the first level. It has a large and bright back-lighted display that shows the number of discs loaded and monitors the copy process. The new Cruise Control has advanced diagnostics and copy controls, including a new copy counter that can be set to count the total number of copies produced in a production run.

The Aleratec CD Super Copy Towers are compact, single-tower configurations that occupy less than half the footprint and are about half the cost of other implementations of tower type duplicators incorporating more than 10 recorders. The 1:11 CD Super Copy Tower has an estimated street price of $1,499.


LAS VEGAS — Keystone Marketing Specialists is presenting its multiple levels of training to help clients realize a greater increase in ROI. Using a combination of on-site vendor field representatives performing demonstrations and answering questions, online proficiency training in both product and sales knowledge, direct training of representative and store associates with face-to-face trainings, and Drive-Time CDs, Keystone has successfully shown higher technology product sell-through rates and sales increases.

Keystone offers fully customized programs tailored to each vendor, as well as online training programs and incentives for retail associates. On-site visits offer “Lunch ‘N Learn” opportunities for sales associates to ask questions and receive feedback on new product features and benefits. These also have Sell-Days programs to help build sales retail associates’ knowledge base, as well as direct sales, offering these in confidence that leads to sales increases, the company said.


SUNNYVALE, CALIF. — ATP is showing a number of memory storage cards for digital cameras and camcorders. The new high speed 1GB SD Card allows consumers to take 500 to 1,000 high resolution images, up to 5 hours of MPEG-4 compressed video, and up to 30 hours of MP3 music. The card’s 60X speed ensures that the SD card will meet the performance requirements of the new generation of 5+ megapixel digital cameras and camcorders (DSC/DVC). It reads and writes up to 9MBps, and is compatible with all digital cameras, digital video camcorders, audio players, new multi-function 2.5G/3G cellphones and other portable devices. The ATP SD is also available in 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512MB capacities.

ATP’s 1GB MultiMediaCards are designed for digital cameras, digital video camcorders, audio players, new multi-function 2.5G/3G cellphones and other portable devices. Consumers can store up to 30 hours of digitally compressed music, more than 320 minutes of MPEG-4 compressed video, or more than 1000 high-resolution digital images. The ATP MMC is also available in 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB and 512MB capacities.

The ATP 512MB RS-MMC (Reduced-Size MultiMediaCard) is designed to be the highest capacity RS-MMC on the market. The cards target next-generation smart mobile phones such as the latest Samsung SGH-P730, SGH-D710, SGH-X910 and Nokia 7610, with built-in cameras, video recorders, MP3 players, video games and other functions where high memory capacity in a small form factor is critical. The ATP RS-MMC is also available in 32, 64, 128 and 256MB capacities.

The 512MB miniSD is designed as the highest capacity miniSD on the market. These cards also target next-generation smart mobile phones such as the latest Panasonic X700, P505i, Motorola MPx100 and Toshiba A5501T with a host of built-in functions that require high memory capacity in a small form factor. ATP’s miniSD is also available in 32MB, 64MB, 128MB and 256MB capacities.

ATP’s CompactFlash card is about the size of a matchbook and only weighs one-half ounce. It is compatible with all digital cameras, handheld PCs, digital audio players and other devices that feature a CompactFlash slot, and is available in 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB and 1GB capacities.

Also available are the ATP Mobile Flash All-in-One Flash Card Reader, the Key Type USB 2.0 SD/MMC Flash Card Reader/Writer and the ATP Memory Stick in 64MB and 128MB capacities.


AUSTIN, TEXAS — Buffalo Technology is expanding its LinkStation product line, which currently consists of a 120GB unit. The LinkStation Network Storage Center, offering an easy and economical solution to add a network storage center via wired or wireless connections, will now include a 160GB and a 250GB unit.

Quick and simple installation allows users to instantly store and share their music, videos, images and other files from both PCs and Macs. Incorporating a built-in print server, the LinkStation simplifies network printing; and with two USB 2.0 ports, additional hard drives can be added for extra space or backups instantly.


IRVINE, CALIF. — Archos is introducing the Pocket Video Recorder AV400, said to be the industry’s first portable digital video recorder with television recording and scheduling capabilities, as well as audio, photo and data storage in one pocket-sized device.

The Pocket Video Recorder AV400 enables users to record television shows and movies directly from a TV, VCR or cable/satellite receiver, with a convenient one-time setup TV Cradle docking device. Once connected, the AV400 Recording Scheduler directly controls the tuner inside the VCR or cable/satellite receiver to automatically adjust the channel and record based on time and duration of the schedule. It will also synchronize with Yahoo TV Guide (where available) from the Internet to prepare recordings for the week or month in advance.

Users can also watch videos and view photos on the device’s large color LCD screen, listen to and record music, and transfer photos from a digital camera or data files from a PC or Macintosh. Available in 20GB to 100GB hard disk capacities, the AV400 features a small and sleek design, and a high-resolution, 3.5-inch or 3.8-inch color LCD screen. A removable battery for extended life is available in the 20GB version, and the device features a built-in Compact Flash reader for transferring photos directly from digital cameras.

An FM radio and optional remote control transforms the AV400 into an FM radio with full MP3 voice recording capabilities, while the Archos patented retro-recording system saves an entire song from the start, even if the beginning has already started playing. Initial models available are the 20GB model, priced at $549.95, and the 80GB model, priced at $799.95.


BALTIMORE — Strategic Vista is introducing a new range of digital broadband security solutions under its Sylvania, Lorex and Home Sentinel brand names. Included are 1- to 4-camera local observation systems featuring built-in digital video recording; 1-camera to 4-camera local and remote viewing observation systems featuring USB connectivity to any PC; 1-camera to 4-camera PC based surveillance systems featuring USB connectivity to any PC, with local and remote viewing; and 1-camera to 4-camera wireless PC-based surveillance systems with local and remote viewing.

Among the products being demonstrated is the new Lorex DVM2100/ 2101, a powerful digital broadband solution for security and life safety protection. The DVM2100/2101 incorporates advanced professional-grade video security technology, Microsoft Windows certified product reliability and a complete system package. It can be easily installed on any home or business PC, and comes complete with a high-quality color camera, plug-and-play video capture device and graphic user software. Users can monitor video images locally or from a remote PC anywhere in the world, and store and manage video images on their PC hard drive. Video motion alarm notifications may be sent automatically to a user’s PDA, cellphone or e-mail.


INDIANAPOLIS — Technuity is showcasing its new Energizer ER-DVD MINI portable DVD battery and a new collection of Jeep-brand specialty bags.

The newly designed ER-DVD MINI provides extended runtime for all of today’s portable DVD players by offering an external power source that easily plugs into a portable handheld unit. The ER-DVD MINI may be used as a separate power source or can easily be combined with the original battery for extended runtime. Also, the universal portable DVD battery can allow up to 180 extra minutes of viewing time without interruption. The ER-DVD MINI includes the battery, an AC adapter for recharging and five universal plug tips.

Technuity is also highlighting its new Jeep specialty bag collection, designed to provide durability, functionality and style for the mobile user. Jeep offers two diverse product lines that include digital camera pouches, audio/ visual bags and CD cases. The bags’ features include PE foam, strong rubber feet, water-repellant fabrics, and sturdy D-rings and hooks available in various styles and colors.


MINNEAPOLIS — Digital River, which builds and manages online businesses for more than 40,000 software publishers, manufacturers, distributors and online retailers, is presenting its extended e-commerce solution through the acquisition of a world-class, Web-analytics service.

The new service offers online merchants easy-to-use tools designed to help improve their operating results, including real-time and historical click stream analysis, path and campaign analysis, detailed merchandising reports and result comparisons to other online businesses. The service, which will be delivered as a fully integrated part of Digital River’s e-commerce platform, also provides daily comparisons of online traffic, conversions, orders, revenue, abandons and site performance.

The company is also featuring its new SoftwarePassport technology. Operating as an integrated part of Digital River’s comprehensive e-commerce platform, SoftwarePassport is designed to go beyond traditional DRM, offering software publishers Digital Revenue Manage-ment and enabling them to not only protect their software but also to market, sell, distribute and track their digital assets across untapped, global online markets.


WALLED LAKE, MICH. — The Express Group is spotlighting its customized marketing support services for retailers and manufacturers. The company combines program development with high-quality account management and customer service. Its reporting and data management system allows clients to capture important real-time data from their programs, and the company offers dedicated divisions focused on rebate management and fulfillment, distribution services, rewards and loyalty programs, as well as complete printing and bindery services.


SANTA ANA, CALIF. — mUrgent, an e-marketing company that combines affordable e-mail and wireless marketing automation services for small and medium-sized businesses, is demonstrating its EMPACT digital communications software suite.

EMPACT is affordable e-marketing automation software for the small-to-medium sized business community. Using a common Internet connection and secure customer log-in identification, businesses can create their own customer databases and schedule e-mail and wireless marketing campaigns online. No hardware or software purchases are required, and because the process is all digital, no expensive postage, graphic production, printing, photography or advertising production and placement costs are required.

Campaigns may be managed and modified anytime an Internet connection is available, anywhere around the world, and EMPACT users can send 20,000 personalized e-mails and an additional 100 SMS messages to wireless devices for under $100 per month. EMPACT’s scheduling program is “time-centric,” offering flexibility that allows companies to quickly establish a simple ongoing dialogue that helps keep the company’s brand in the customers’ mind, and its schedules can be established for a virtually unlimited number of sequential and highly specific dates and time intervals, including instantly.


DULLES, VA. — America Online is unveiling the AOL Optimized PC, an affordable computer system that includes the hardware and software needed to get consumers up and running and online. Available for $299.99, with a 12-month AOL membership commitment of $23.90 a month, the PC offers a system that’s easy to set up and easy to use, and offers language preferences for both English and Spanish.

The AOL Optimized PC includes a PC with Intel processor, monitor, speakers, mouse and keyboard. Color-coded cords, a large four-color instructional poster, and an instructional video are included to help make it simple to connect and set up the components right out of the box. The PC is preloaded with Windows XP Home Edition and AOL 9.0 Optimized, including a version of AOL 9.0 Optimized for the AOL Latino service. It also comes bundled with the AOL Office Suite, powered by Sun, which consists of AOL Office Writer, a word processing application; AOL Office Calc, a spreadsheet program; and AOL Office Impress, which provides tools to create presentations and slide shows.

Manufactured by Systemax, the AOL Optimized PC incorporates an Intel Celeron Processor 2GHz; 256MB RAM; a 40GB, ATA 100, 5400 rpm hard drive; 52X CD-ROM; 10/100MB Ethernet network; 56K modem; and four USB 2.0 ports (two front, two back). It comes with a 17-inch CRT monitor, Lexmark color inkjet printer, standard multimedia keyboard, two-button wheel mouse and speakers.


SHORT HILLS, N.J. — Nikada is launching two lines of high-performance widescreen LCD and plasma televisions. The lines include 15 models: 17-inch, 20-inch, 23-inch, 26-inch, 30-inch, and 32-inch HD LCD TVs, as well as 42-inch ED PDP, 42-inch HD PDP, and 50- and 63-inch HD PDP.

Nikada’s LCDs utilize grade-A real TV LCD panels, not LCD monitor panels, with screen response time as low as 16ms. They feature a high-style industrial design with ergonomic features and intuitive menu controls, wide 170-degree viewing angle, 3D digital comb filter, hyper progressive scan and superior brightness of 400-500 cd/m2 minimum. All the LCD TVs have automatic volume leveler (AVL) as well as sound status memory and picture status memory. They also offer chrominance transient improvement (CTI) and luminance transient improvement (LTI) for improved lucidity and sharper, brighter images.

Nikada PDP TVs feature built-in ATSC tuner, 3D digital comb filter, 3000:1 contrast ratio and motion adaptive de-interlace. They also offer motion adaptive noise reduction, edge smoothing, advanced aspect ratio correction, Black Stretcher and advanced DLTI/DCTI processing to further improve brightness, color and clarity of picture.


RALEIGH, N.C. — Eaton is demonstrating the latest expansion to its family of Powerware 5125 single-phase uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). The Powerware 5125 family features a 0.9 power factor for its rack-mount and two-in-one units, allowing end-users to power more equipment than other competitive UPS systems of equivalent VA ratings.

The new 5000/6000 VA systems also showcase a compact three-unit (3U) package, including batteries, providing rack space for other critical equipment such as servers and disk arrays. By combining the high power factor and compact rack size, the new system is capable of protecting 30 percent more equipment in 40 percent less space.

Other features of the Powerware 5125 UPSs include hot swappable batteries and power modules. By eliminating the need to power down equipment and interrupt power to protected loads, servicing the UPS is simple and efficient. Additionally, Eaton’s exclusive Advanced Battery Management (ABM) technology utilizes three-stage charging and optimized recharge time to provide advance notice when batteries need replacement.


FREMONT, CALIF. — Logitech is showcasing powerful new cordless technology, plus new products at all price points. Being highlighted is the newly introduced MX 1000 Laser Cordless Mouse, said to be the world’s first mouse to use laser illumination and tracking. Combining laser with Logitech’s powerful MX processing engine and Fast RF wireless technology, the MX 1000 Laser Cordless Mouse is designed to set a new performance benchmark for responsiveness and accuracy.


GATINEAU, QUESBEC— Axentra is unveiling the Net-Box H-70, billed as the world’s first wireless all-in-one home network appliance. This powerful network, intranet, e-mail, Web and file server also features integrated Internet gateway, router, firewall and 802.11g wireless access point capabilities.

Net-Box comes pre-installed and preconfigured, so it takes only 10 minutes to set up. It has a suggested retail of $499.


SANTA CLARA, CALIF. — 8×8 is featuring the Packet8 Broadband Phone Adapter, a VoIP phone service that lets consumers use a high-speed Internet DSL or cable connection and a regular telephone to lower their phone bill. Designed with both the residential and business customer in mind, Packet8 allows anyone with high-speed Internet access to use a regular phone to make unlimited calls to and from anywhere in the United States and Canada for a monthly fee. Packet8 subscribers also enjoy worldwide unlimited calling to other Packet8 subscribers; and calls to non-Packet8 international numbers (outside the United States and Canada) are charged at a per minute rate.

Packet8 requires no extra numbers to dial, no talking through the computer, and incoming calls ring the same as any phone. The service also offers features such as voice mail, caller ID, call waiting and three-way calling at no extra charge. Additional features include online account management, free in-network calling, choose-your-own area code, international call block and more. Optional features include virtual phone numbers, toll-free numbers and 911 emergency calling.

8×8 is also demonstrating its Packet8 Broadband VideoPhone, which delivers high-quality, full-motion video and clear, delay-free audio over any broadband Internet connection. Designed for both residential and business customers, the stand-alone device saves money on users’ phone bill by using the Packet8 broadband phone service.

The Packet8 VideoPhone is plug-and-play, and features a high-quality CCD camera with auto-focus range of two inches to infinity, up to 30 frames per second video quality, 5-inch active matrix TFT-LCD screen with 23 degrees to 90 degrees tilt, 100-number phonebook and 10-number speed dial, local camera view (picture-in-picture), privacy screen (blocking video send), freeze frame for still shot, auto-answer option and friendly on-screen menu instructions.

It also features audio in and video in ports for external source (camcorder, digital camera, VCR); audio out and video out for display on a bigger screen, TV, projector or recording on VCR to document call; external microphone jack for accessory microphone; echo-cancellation and no-delay high-quality audio; two switched auto-sensing Ethernet ports for simple desktop installation; adjustable color and brightness; plus standard phone features including redial and mute.


BEACHWOOD, OHIO — Levin Consulting is presenting its full range of strategic marketing services. Founded in 1988, the firm has been dedicated to the profitable sell-through of technology products, and is able to quickly assess where vendors are, where they should be going, and how they can get there.

With an average of 24 years in the industry, Levin’s senior team’s understanding of the channels gives its clients solid insight into the competitive landscape. Over 150 technology firms have used its services to advance in the retail marketplace, including IBM, Intel, HP, Microsoft, Xerox, Case Logic, U.S. Robotics, Fujifilm, AOL, McAfee, APC, Logitech, Adobe and many others.


MILPITAS, CALIF. — AVerMedia Technologies is demonstrating its new DVD EZMaker Pro USB2.0 and DVD EZMaker Pro PCI video capture and edit devices. Both units enable users to easily transfer video from any VHS recorder, or from an analog or digital camcorder, to DVD or CD. They come with basic and advanced editing software from Ulead; or for simple transfer of video, DiscDirect allows the user to burn video directly to a CD or DVD.

Both units feature a built-in Hardware MPEG-2 Encoder, reducing the CPU usage up to 50 percent and allow users to continue to use other applications as video is captured. The Hardware MPEG-2 Encoder also allows for Time Base Correction (TBC) technology within the DVD EZMaker Pro PCI. As VHS tapes age, their magnetic signals become weaker, causing the picture to become choppy. However, as AVerMedia DVD EZMaker Pro PCI captures the video, the TBC stabilizes the frame rate at a constant 29.97 frames per second. DVD EZMaker Pro USB2.0 and Pro PCI are compatible with all digital video and miniDV camcorders, VHS VCRs, and analog camcorders, and support S-Video, composite video and RCA audio (R/L) input signals. They also support all DVD formats and a variety of languages. AVerMedia’s DVD EZMaker Pro PCI carries a list price of $129.99, and the DVD EZMaker Pro USB2.0 lists for $149.99.

AVerMedia is also spotlighting its TVBox 9 External TV Device, designed to turn any LCD or CRT monitor into a multimedia entertainment center. TVBox 9 adds a host of new features including 13-channel simultaneous onscreen preview, progressive scan for sharp and flicker-free viewing, parental control, and more. A convenient tower unit, about the size of a paperback book, enables users to simultaneously connect a cable TV line, VCR, DVD player and game console (compatible with Nintendo GameCube, Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation2 and other systems) to any LCD monitor, with or without a PC.

In addition to its other new features, the unit builds on the power of its sister product, AVerMedia’s TVBox 5, by offering 1280 x 1024 SXGA resolution, closed captioning, picture-in-picture viewing (PC required) and 3:2 pull-down. Suitable for plasma screens and LCD projectors, in addition to LCD and CRT monitors, TVBox 9 includes a wireless remote for easy, single-unit control of its various functions and input devices. The TV tuner portion provides a full range of capabilities, including all-channel scanning, channel memorization and favorite channel programming.

In addition to cable TV hookup, the device supports S-Video, composite video, component video, VGA and audio (L/R and PC) as well as audio speaker, earphone, and VGA outputs. TVBox 9 carries a list price of $179.99.

Also being demonstrated is the AVerMedia UltraTV USB 300 External TV Tuner that not only plays TV, but also lets viewers pause, rewind and instantly replay live programming thanks to its Personal Video Recorder (PVR) capability. It features simple USB 2.0 hookup and an ultra-small size of just 3.6 inches x 3.48 inches x 0.69 inches, and provides the functions of a TV, VCR and DVD player on any laptop or notebook PC.

The UltraTV USB 300 is bundled with Ulead DVD Movie-Factory and Ulead VideoStudio software ($149.95 retail) for easy DVD authoring. It also comes with all necessary cables (USB, audio, and antenna connector), installation guide and carrying case. The unit is priced at a suggested $129.99.


WEST KINGSTON, R.I. — American Power Conversion is demonstrating its new Biometric Password Manager, a personal fingerprint scanner that makes its easy for PC and laptop users to manage their passwords. Based on the leading fingerprint sensor technology, the solution allows users to biometrically secure their PC or notebook as well as eliminate the need to memorize passwords.

The APC Biometric Password Manager permits up to 20 different fingerprints or 20 different users to store passwords on a single computer system. Each user enrolls using a finger as his or her identification source. The unit’s sleek design allows for stable placement and accurate finger verification, and it comes equipped with a 6-foot USB cable and easy-to-use software.

Compatible with Windows operating systems, the software stores an unlimited number of log-in names and passwords. When used with Windows XP, the Biometric Password Manager allows for fast user-switching where each user’s personal configurations and passwords are recognized on the shared laptop or PC with the touch of a finger. Using AuthenTec’s patented TruePrint technology, the device scans fingerprints below the surface of the skin to the live layer or true fingerprint, and is not affected by common skin surface conditions such as callouses, dry skin or dirt. The system has an estimated resale price of $49.99.


CITY OF INDUSTRY, CALIF. — Battery Technology is spotlighting new iPod accessories, as well as a new version of the iPod Battery. The iPod Battery ii is designed for third- and fourth-generation iPods as well as the iPod Mini. New iPod Accessories include an auto/air adapter, AC adapter and belt clip and neck-strap bundle.

Also on display are notebook computer batteries for the latest Averatec, Apple, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, IBM, Northgate, Sony and Toshiba notebooks, as well as digital camera and camcorder batteries for the latest Canon, Fuji, JVC, Nikon, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp and Sony digital cameras and camcorders. Battery Technology is also launching a Customized Battery Configurator, a tool that allows retailers to sell all of the company’s products without “losing control” of the customer, with no inventory exposure and no time investment during the setup process.


IRVINE, CALIF. — Susteen is highlighting its all-new DataPilot Transfer Center 4.0, a tool specifically designed to enable quick transfer of phone contacts from one cellphone to another at the wireless store location. Both the hardware and software have been substantially upgraded. The hardware used to connect to a PC has been modified to automatically detect the source and target phones and to ease the manipulation of cables, and the DataPilot Transfer Center now provides now one-click transfer from one phone to the next, as well as auto-detection of the source phone.

An upgraded version of DataPilot Universal, said to be the leading cellphone software kit in retail, is also being demonstrated. The kit’s two PC connectors have been combined into one to provide for ease of cable manipulation and excellent end-user experience.

DataPilot is a software suite that gives mobile phone users the ability to transfer contact information to and from any PC. DataPilot can also transfer information from a mobile phone to a PDA via desktop or laptop. Users can easily add, edit and delete new and existing contact information, and the user-friendly interface allows mobile phone users to transfer in seconds from the most popular contact management software such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and ACT!2000, and store up to 10,000 address entries in the DataPilot Address Book. It also allows consumers to change mobile phones and easily transfer the data from one mobile phone to another.


CITY OF INDUSTRY, CALIF. — Syntax Groups is highlighting its formal entry into the LCD TV market with an initial line of Olevia-brand models. The Olevia 27- and 30-inch LCD TVs are engineered to provide consumers with high-quality entertainment images and optimum affordability.

Featuring an ultra-thin flat panel LCD screen, the Olevia LCD TVs blend robust functionality and stylish design with a customer-friendly support program, including a free first-year on-site warranty. Priced at $1,399 for the 27-inch model and $1,799 for the 30-inch model, the TVs include features such as 750:1 contrast ratio, 650 Hz refresh rate and three rows of backlights for image brilliance and clarity.

Both Syntax models are HDTV-ready in a 16:9 widescreen format with automatic progressive scan, true 1280 x 768 resolution for the 30-inch and 1280 x 720 resolution for the 27-inch model, a wide 170/170 viewing angle, 500cd/m2 high brightness and a fast 16ms response time for quality vivid images from a variety of locations. Measuring 35 inches L by 22 inches H by 4.25 inches D (including detachable speakers and stand), the Syntax Olevia LCD TVs utilize a slim, space-efficient flat design, and are VESA-standard wall-mountable using an optional mounting kit.

The LCD TVs include dual NTSC tuners providing picture-in-picture (PIP) capability, as well as the ability to display split-screens or up to 12 windows displayed concurrently for multiple channel scanning. DVI-I HDCP inputs are included for easy connection to many high definition components. In addition to the two 10-watt side-mounted detachable stereo speakers, both Syntax Olevia models can be connected to a complete audio system for a quality stereo experience.

Consumers can also use their Syntax Olevia LCD TV as a “super monitor” by connecting the unit’s standard VGA input to a personal computer, thus allowing viewing of a TV or a DVD movie on one side of the screen, while surfing the Internet or checking e-mail on the opposite side.


OKLAHOMA CITY — Jasco is featuring its new GE-brand Wireless 5 Button Dual Scroll Optical Mouse, which features five programmable buttons, patented dual scroll wheels and the latest in wireless RF technology. The wireless mouse integrates new Microsoft Office Function software, providing fingertip access to Office applications and commands with pop-up menus for Office procedures and other applications. It features an ergonomic shape with rubberized finished sides and high-gloss finish on top; and its USB receiver is also a battery charger, keeping a constant charge on the extra set of rechargeable batteries included in the package.

Also being demonstrated is Jasco’s GE Universal Remote with PC Control and MP3 Adaptor. The remote is designed to control five devices such as TV, VCR, satellite or cable box, and works through any USB port on a computer, allowing users to control their PC’s multimedia applications and utilize programs such as Media Player and Real Player to perform functions such as volume adjust, play and pause and skip or repeat tracks for MP3s, CDs and DVDs.

The MP3 adaptor comes with a 50-foot cable and patented piggyback-style plug that allows for connections to a computer soundcard or output jack without disrupting other connected devices. It allows users to connect their computer to a home stereo or portable MP3 player for either playback of MP3 music over a stereo, or to transfer music from the stereo to the PC for storage or CD burning.

Jasco’s GE Surge Protector is designed to exceed the highest standards for complete three-line electrical circuit protection: Line to Line, Line to Ground and Line to Neutral configurations. It offers space-saving features including low profile design, four widely spaced receptacles for AC/DC power adapters, flexible power cord and a cord management device that is retractable and can be removed if not used. It also has silver-colored child safety covers, and provides a visible marker when used behind furniture or cabinets. It is rated at 3690 joules.

Jasco is also spotlighting the new UltraStick Pro lightweight flash drive and its enclosed housing, the UltraDrive Pro. The UltraStick Pro is half the size of most flash drives on the market and is thin enough to fit in a wallet, while the drive’s enclosure offers users the more traditional USB flash drive look. The UltraStick Pro comes in capacities of 128MB to 1GB, and works with any standard USB connection with or without the UltraDrive Pro.

Also being featured is the GE USB Digital Notepad, which allows users to write on a normal pad of paper and store the pen strokes in its memory, downloadable to any computer. Utilizing electronic magnetic sensing technology, the Digital Notepad’s 8MB of built-in NADN flash memory stores up to 50 pages and can be upgraded with standard Compact Flash Cards. The Notepad comes with a 3-button cordless pen with customizable buttons, standard USB interface, and LCD display that offers enhanced features. It is both Windows and Macintosh compatible.